just wondered whether anyone else had lots of spots when they started a gluten free diet?

Diagnosed with cd about 8 weeks ago and have been following gf diet since. 2 Days in very nasty outbreak of spots on head and chest. At this stage eating anything and everything out of Juvela and glutafin sample boxes. Decided to eliminate codex foods and didn't eat them for about 4 weeks. Last week ate codex products for 2 days pre-diagnosis bloat and lots more spots. Has anyone else experienced anything similar and any idea what food caused the problem. Just wondering if there is anything else to be wary of?

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  • I don't know, but I wouldn't eat Juvela or glutafin priducts because of the codex.Warburton's bread is brillliant, you can get that in Waitrose or asda.Also you probably need to check spots with doctor. It could be dermatitis which is linked with coeliac. Good luck

  • Thanks for your reply will not be eating codex again. Things seem a little better now. Will ask my gp at some point

  • The lady I see for treatment who also discovered my gluten intolerance advised it was part of the detox as your body rids itself of the gluten. I'd always suffered from a bit of adult acne but after going gluten free I started to get them on my forehead, somewhere I'd never broken out before. I also notice my skin flares up if I eat by gluten my mistake and it also seems to be a bit more sensitive to other things like excess sugar and alcohol. Hope u get to the bottom of it

  • Things do seem to be improving especially as I haven't eaten gluten for a month fingers crossed..

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