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I know that I might get some dirty virtual looks for asking about food related topics but I'd love to here about your Breakfast menus.

I am struggling to find ideas that keep me full for long and don't take a long time to prepare. I normally leave early for work so only have half an hour to get ready, eat brekky and go.

I have been making a large bowl of fruit salad on a Sunday that last for 3 days but then I am stuck. I had been having Asda Corn Flakes and Rice Snaps but after advice from other GFG's I ditched these and feel better for it.

Any suggestions welcome !

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  • I like Natures Path GF Mesa Sunrise, they are yummy and very filling so only need a small amount, bit more pricey but worth it. they also do rice krispies made from brown rice they are good too. Also if you like porridge Tilquhillie GF is delicious lovely and creamy. it says on the packet 7-10 mins to cook but for me it is cooked as soon as its simmering.

    Like you I tried supermarkets own brands but for me its worth spending a bit extra to start the day with.

    Give them a try and see what you think.

  • Great thanks for your tips. I am going to try the Nairns Porridge Oats that are supposed to be available on prescription soon.

    I'll let you know how it goes.

  • Hi Ian,

    Just wanted to let you know, before you bought the Nairns porridge, that I bought the GF museli and it made me I'll. :-(

  • Hi Ian, i asked a similar question a while back and got some great replies!

  • Thanks, even the same blog title as well! Wil have a trawl through those as well .

  • I often have either poached or boiled eggs with gf toast followed by toast and marmalade washed down with a pot of tea.

    I love pancakes and if you make the batter the night before all you do is heat a small frying pan up pour in the batter flip the pancake and you can have it with dried fruit or better still have a few and take one cold for a mid morning snack.

    Another good breakfast is a breakfast casserole which's basically baked scrambled eggs with diced potatoes tomatoes and chopped bacon etc and if you make a large one the day before you can reheat a portion in the microwave the next morning and it's also really nice cold. And It makes a great supper if you add grated cheese. I warn you this makes your house smell amazing and on a cold winters morning...

    If you cook some potatoes the day before you can reheat them with scrambled eggs the next morning with tomatoes and or mushrooms etc. Again scrambled eggs are really quick and easy to make in a microwave. And if you have any gf bread have toast with it.

    Just after I was diagnosed I read about street sellers in Germany who sell bacon and potato cakes made while you wait with grated potato and diced bacon. There's also Reibekuchen and Latkes all variations on a theme again all using grated potatoes which cook very quickly and are really crispy on the outside. And you can make a batch and then fry them up as you want to eat them. I also warn you grated potatoes are addictive and I put them on the breakfast casserole sometimes.

    If instead of porridge you can always make a gruel with ground rice and this takes a couple of minutes to cook in a microwave and have that with dried fruit and it means you don't have to worry about oats or oatmeal.

    Australian coeliac have muesli made with flaked rice and flaked millet, fruit and nuts and just add milk.

    I love my breakfast so we'll soon have you eating like a goodun'

  • Hi Jerry,

    Some great tips there, I like sound of the grated potato! I am a bit hooked on jacket spuds at the moment for lunches with a variety of fillings. I do have scrambled egg sometimes but haven't been getting GFREE bread routinely but I have just taken delivery of my first prescription so will have some more bulk to keep me going.

    Where do buy your ground rice from Jerry, its not something I've seen before, but would le to give it a try.

  • Hi Ian, Tesco's, Sainsbury and ASDA sell ground rice as do some wholefood shops and some Asian shops. It's 99p for 500g in Tesco's. They also sell ''pudding'' rice and that can be cooked and then reheated quickly. These are not on the free from shelves but with other similar foods.

    When you take a step back and really look at things like oat porridge that is made with both oat flakes and oat meal,

    If you like potatoes which I do there are lots of potato recipes out there and I even have a recipe book with just potato recipes. As for food to take to work or on the move look at the variations of a humble potato salad eg: with tuna or corned beef, or with onions and mixed veg, grated cheese etc.

    The other thing that I buy sometimes when out and about is ready cooked Popaddoms, these are made with chick pea flour and Sharwoods label theirs gf beats a bag of crisps any day!

    When we are first diagnosed all we see is what we can not eat then as time goes by we see more and more foods that we can eat. So my advice is start to look at what you can eat and focus on that.

  • Great advice Jerry, I'm off to Tesco tomorrow for some ground rice! I don'seem to struggle for lunch ideas and as you say it is an opportunity to try new food options and I have certainly found e few of those, smoked mackerel with salad, jacket potato with tuna mayo and red onion and even the humble tin of rice pudding pudding now light my fire. Onwards and upwards.

  • Mesa Flakes are nice but at the moment I'm having quinoa cooked in milk with a handful of nuts/dried fruit and a blob of honey. And if you make a batch you can reheat it with a dash of milk in the microwave each morning.

  • Thanks.

    What does the quinoa taste like, is it a good substitute for porridge oats?

  • I have tried it, and I know its good for you, but I wasnt much impressed :-)

  • I thew mine out, never tried with ,milk, perhaps will buy more. Must have a go at pancakes.

  • I have about three seconds to make and eat breakfast!

    I have Sainsbury Buckwheat and Rice Porridge, which is really filling, takes 2 mins in the microwave and keeps me going for hours!

  • That sounds like just the thing for me! Thanks sassyl, will have a look for some of that tomorrow. Is it in the 'free from' section?

  • Yes! I make with Lactofree milk or Alpro Hazelnut Milk. Quite tasty - enjoy!

  • I enjoy eating a mixture of grains boiled and usually I add a few chopped prunes and stir in a spoon of honey. I also make a sort of museli. I have flaked almonds, sliced walnuts, Brazils which I roughly chop, pecans roughly broken, ground flax seed, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, dried fruit which may be cherries, currents, sultanas, raisins, etc --- I toss the lot all together then pour on full fat milk, a dollop or two of full fat Greek yohurt and sometimes throw on some fresh fruit like blueberries or a spoonful of fruit conserve .... it is rather nice.

    Another rather nice breakfast is a scoop of millet boiled soft, strained and allowed to rest for a minute or two ... then crack in a couple of eggs and stir in well - place back onto a low flame and keep stirring until all the egg is absorbed into the grain. Stir in a drizzle of honey .. then serve.

  • I believe the millet and egg dish is called 'wicket' .... :)

  • Where do you get millet from in UK? I've been looking for a while now and can't find any.

  • I used to be able to get it from all of the major supermarkets but lately they all appear to have stopped stocking it. The last time I bought it - about six weeks ago I purchased a bag from Holland & Barrett.

  • Thanks! I'll have to have a look there.

  • An omelette's always an easy option if you're stuck for time (maybe adding in cheese or fridge leftovers). Only takes a couple of minutes to cook, and not difficut to get hold of the ingredients!

    Before I went gluten free I always used to think fried/poached egg on toast was the perfect breakfast - keeps you full for hours - but I haven't tried it with GF bread.

  • Hi ianwoowoo, I know the feeling. I struggle with breakfast everyday... For a while I tried gf rice krispies but they just didn't satisfy. Sometimes I'll have a boiled egg, or even fried, not often. Right now I'm in Sweden (where they are VERY clued up on gf) and I made some 'instant' rice porridge that only takes 3 minutes to cook which I had with a little honey - I'm just heading out for a 5-6mile run and I'm waiting to see if this gives me enough energy! Let us know what you find and how it works out for you!

  • Porridge was my staple meal before diagnosis, usually breakfast and post run/ride filler. I really miss it now. How do you make the rice porridge and is it as good as good old oats ?

  • hi, ianwoowoo, my little boy has coeliacs and as i have 5 kids and school run to do i need to feed him something quickly, that will fill him, so he often has scrambled egg with cheese and mushrooms, on toast, xx

  • Hi Ianwoowoo, I boil brown basmati rice on a Sunday - a goodly portion enough to last for a few days, then each morning pop a good dish full into a carry out box, with dried fruit, I like cranberries, or any you like, or even fresh fruit, blueberries - a good antioxidant - with a few pine nuts for crunch then add some plain yoghurt and I have a sweet tooth so I add a little honey or syrup. Keeps me full for hours. You can always take it with you if you don't finish it and you have some for a snack later plus you can use the rice for doing for a savoury meal or rice salad later, no waste.

  • I have porridge made with a handful of berry fruits, quinoa flakes and vanilla rice milk. Very filling and delicious. JP

  • Thanks to everyone for your great tips - I have plenty ideas to keep me experimenting for quite a while. Thanks Again.

  • Hi, I don't have time for breakfast on a working day but take a banana to work to eat at around 10 am.

    I have to make up a packed lunch as we have no gluten free food at work ( They closed down our canteen and replaced it with a gluten loaded visiting 'snack wagon'.)

    I'm trying to get my weight down so steer clear of fried breakfasts and eggs. Despite some of the warnings I've read about pure oats being a cross between wheat and barley, I've had blood tests for tissue transglutiamase antibodies after eating them and they came back negative, so I eat pure oat porridge at the weekends when I have a time to make it. I hope I'm doing the right thing.

  • Hi Phil, I know what you mean - I tried the Nairns Oats and had no issues but who knows whats happening under the hood. Porridge is my ideal really !

  • I have had rice porridge from Holland and Barret previously, cooks very quickly.

    Great with a bit of dried fruit. I also like the mesa sunrise flakes. Juvela also do some breakfast cereals (look like bran flakes and special K with red berries as well as pure oats.) I had an email from juvela saying theses cereals are now to be available on prescription. their on line shop is closing soon so they are selling stuff off cheaply!

    I find that if I eat porridge oats more than twice a week I get a bit of a gippy tummy so don't eat them very often now.

  • Bloomin' 'eck you're all very healthy.

    I like a bacon sandwich with lashings of ketchup in Genius multi-seeded bread!

    And proud of it :P

  • Can't argue with that !!

  • I always have a bowl of buckwheat and rice porridge from Sainsburys freefrom. I make it with milk, it doesn;t take too long, then I put some golden syrup on and a bit of fresh cream and its really lovely and filling. You can add fruit to it as well.

  • Thanks Judy, I will have to give this a try - sassyl also mentioned this. I'm going to have shop today and see if I can get some.

  • One thing to say - the breakfasts here are all quite "carb"-y - one of the issues with this is that can causes spikes and troughs in blood sugars. A large ingestion of carbs first thing leads to an insulin rush - the body often over-produces insulin leading to a crash in blood sugar levels. As a consequence, you can feel lacking in energy 1-2 hours after having brekky. People then tend to have a mid-morning snack, usually involving more carbs and so the cycle continues.

    My dietician advised me to have more of a protein-rich breakfast (eggs, fish, meat, soya) for breakfast as it does not cause these peaks and troughs in blood sugars.

  • I always thought porridge was a healthy breakfast.

    Strangely, In my thirties breakfast and lunch consisted of a pack of cigarettes and three mugs of strong coffee. I felt much healthier in those days and wouldn't have dreamed of eating porridge.

    'Twenty reasons why porridge is the 'ultimate health food'

    1) Improves sex life....

  • iv tried all sorts of different breakfasts only thing that fills me is a boiled egg and 2slices of gluten free bread wiyh a scraping of butter. that keeps me full till lunch time every time.

  • Well I've just taken delivery of 12 Glutafin loaves so will be having quite a lot of toast I think. Not sure if it will be very nice - it feels like I could build a wall with them?

  • I have a gf scone (from Waitrose or Sainsburys) halved & lightly toasted with marg - yummy & v quick!

  • I have hardly ever been able to find a breakfast choice that keeps me full right through to lunch but I have found one! I make these up in batches and freeze them. They are gluten free pancakes.

    1/3 cup instant gluten free oats OR Bob's Red Mill GF Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal

    1/4 cup cottage cheese

    1 scoop protein powder (I use chocolate flavour)

    1/2 tsp baking powder

    1 egg

    1 tsp chia seeds (optional)

    Mix all the ingredients together, fry in pan until brown on bottom, place under grill to cook top.

  • Tesco's gluten free crumpets with either marmite or apricot jam does it for me.

  • Such a useful thread - thank you, ianwoowoo, for starting it :)

    Kaarina :)

  • Hear! Hear! :-)

  • Doves Farm - Buckwheat has won awards, I can't live without it , and yet Tesco have taken it off in favour of their inferior brands of bits of flakes.

    Doves Farm BUCKWHEAT is the best. (not the flakes, but buckwheat)

    I get mine from Asda or Sainsburys fills me till dinner, I have it with Lactose free Semi skimmed milk too. I also have before bed sometimes.

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