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Gut Candida


Hi, I'm checking if anyone has ever been diagnosed with over-growth of gut candida or has ever experimented with a gut-candida diet? I'm exploring options at moment and this seems a reasonable thing to do. Also, has anyone ever been offered a gut-candida test by anyone in NHS?

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Hi Mise

I had a quick google of Candida diets, reads a lot like a low-carb diet, sounds like a good idea.

When I went gluten free many years ago, my health was really bad, lots of fatigue, constant UTIs. I cut our all the sugar I could, along with processed foods, lactose, anything made with yeast, anything associated with ‘mould’ (mushrooms, blue cheese). I had no idea if it would work or not, but eventually my health stared to improve. Don’t think I’d heard of Candida at that point.

There’s more information around now, thank goodness, especially around gut health. I tried to ‘improve’ my gut bacteria with an increase in vegetables, but have had to stick with a Low FODMAPs diet. I’ve been drinking Goats milk Kefir for a few months now, it’s been helpful.

Don’t know if there is an NHS test for Candida, but the diet recommended for it sounds worth trying. Good luck with whatever you try.

Mise in reply to Penel

Thanks Penel. You were ahead of your time in figuring out the diet. That is pretty much the candida diet in a nutshell. Also recommendation of taking various herbs/foods that 'kill' candida e.g. raw garlic, curcumin, oregano oil, cocunut oil. I've hit a wall recently that needs some sort of radical approach and candida diet seems a wise way to go. I think it will take a few months.

Penel in reply to Mise

Going with your ‘gut’ feelings is important. Didn't realise about the problem with yeast until I stopped trying to make my own bread. Lucky for me I didn’t know about foods that are supposed to kill Candida, most of them trigger my IBS!

Reading “Gut” by Giuilia Enders has been really useful (informative and funny). Finding a probiotic that suits you seems to be an important part of regaining health. You’re right about the whole thing being likely to take a few months.

Mise in reply to Penel

Good advice on the book, thank you. Ye, I was going great guns for a few years on gf diet and past two years have just got silly. If I cut out many more things I'll be living on fresh air, so a good three month stringent blitz is probably the best approach. At least it's lockdown again so I can mainline the raw garlic with no worries....

What really helps eliminate gut candida is PLAIN yogurt

Yogurt contains good bacteria called probiotics that help your gut replenish its supply of beneficial bacteria while also helping your body get rid of potentially harmful bacteria. According to the Candida Diet website, these probiotics will also help reduce toxic yeast in your digestive tract.

Mise in reply to Angel20

Sounds great, but allergic to milk : (

Yes, I've heard plain natural yoghurt is really good addition to a healthy diet. Good tip for the dairy eaters.

Angel20 in reply to Mise

Start having porridge for breakfast made with just water, another great food to beat Gut Candida, stay away from sugars and sweets as it makes Candida worse.

Mise in reply to Angel20

Can't have porridge as can't have oats. Or any grains. Seriously this is my life ; )

Benjamin123 in reply to Mise

Individuals with coeliac generally have to be very careful with oats and many choose to avoid/are advised to avoid at least for 12 months. I noticed you are here from one of the other main forum groups - do you have coeliac or are your concerned that coeliac may be an issue?

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