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Where to get GF millet/buckwheat as alternative for overnight oats?


I'm one of the unlucky few who gets affected by eating GF oats, so I'm looking for the cheapest GF certified alternative for overnight oats.

I've found buckwheat and millet are probably my best choices for making lovely overnight oats, but haven't found any cheap ones of these products that are certified GF. Anyone have any good sources for these, or other recommendations?

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I get my buckwheat flakes, and other gf items, on line. Buckwheat flakes are not cheap, so it would pay you to have a search on line. You need to make sure to check that they are labelled as gluten free.


s89_ in reply to Penel

Thanks! Are these actually certified GF?

Penel in reply to s89_

Yes, I’ve been buying from them for years. All good so far!

Hiya s89 I saw your posts on this and on cross contaminated pulses etc. I have Coeliac and have bought lots of things from a local independent supplier to me for over 30 years, added benefit is they're very ethical folk too, so well worth supporting! They started doing a mail order service a while ago, and they sell gluten free millet, and pulses , and run a list of everything they stock that is GF. Highly recommended anyway!!


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