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IgA t-Transglutaminase Ab's

I have recently had bloods done as I was diagnosed with coeliac disease a year and a half ago. When I was diagnosed my TTG was over 128 when the norm is 0-7. My gastro consultant said that my results are now ok. However when I asked for a printout of the results and looked at it my reading is now 13. This still flags up as coeliac. i was expecting it to be within the normal range of 0-7 as I have been on a strict gluten free diet since diagnosis. Does anyone know if this is a normal reading if you are coeliac?

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You were diagnosed about the same time as myself with much the same level. Within six months my level had dropped to 14 but i was very,very strict and was pleasantly surprised that it had dropped so dramatically.

It can take up to two years for some people some will say less and others more. It is a very individual thing. All you can do is keep going, being as careful as you can and not worry at these readings. Be pleased that you are doing the right thing to be healing your stomach.


Hi. Both my daughter's were diagnosed with coeliac after blood tests. The youngest had a 255 try count and 17 after 2 years. The older had 677 and 46 after a year. The doctors says it should have gone below 10 by now and suspects that the gilrs are still eating secretly. But I know my daughter's are not so just have to be careful and check everything. I have not seen any empirical evidence of how the ttg count should go Down.


Hi mod187, this is interesting about your daughters, when I was diagnosed I decided to see what I could do for myself so I didn't get bread on prescription and just ate naturally gf food cooked from scratch and in less than 3 months I was well and after 6 months I had a 2nd biopsy and everything was fine. I was a single dad with a full time job and it was hard work so I got some codex on prescription and within 12 months I had gone anaemic again. I can not tolerate many things that are within codex but they still contain traces of gluten, like malted cereals or malt vinegar, free from oats or codex wheat. I obviously omitted these and now I am a blood donor.

So maybe these foods are affecting your daughters in an insidious way. So may be their Dr's are right that they are ingesting gluten but from 'allowed' foods.


Thanks that is interesting. I'll look into it


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