Hello Is anyone else surprised at how long it has taken the big chains to catch on to the Gluten free opportunities they are missing? My friend loves Costa and I meet her there once a week, there is literally one savoury GF choice a rather forgettable chicken wrap. In my opinion Morrison and Tesco have the best choice as far as supermarkets go. M&S are frankly way behind. I worked in the food industry for many years and I know many products could be made GF so celiacs and non celiacs could eat them.

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  • It's basic supply and demand unfortunately. Although we have an M and S food hall near us and they sell some good GF sandwiches, quiche, sausage rolls and scotch eggs.

    Things are improving though, the co-op 5 mins walk from where I live has a GF section, not big but adequate. 10 years ago couldn't find GF food anywhere, and there was a genuine need for prescriptions.

  • Perhaps it is just the smaller m&s stores. We are much luckier today, I agree but having worked in the food industry for a long time I still think they are missing a trick.

  • I agree - I am tired of going into coffee shops and being offered a flipping Brownie! I hate Brownies. Why can't they offer some nice shortbread and nice sandwiches?

  • Too true! I met some friends in Costa today and they didn't even have the one GF wrap they usually stock.

  • I just found at that Starbucks brownies are no longer gluten-free, so no need to ask for the wrapped ones from the fridge anymore.

  • M&S at least has a few choices, where Waitrose has one unpleasant egg roll! Mind you, I'm not ungrateful for that.

    M&S now seems to be unrolling a vast amount of "Made without wheat" stuff throughout the store, which looks great at first glance until you realise almost all of the options seem to have dextrose in...

  • Perhaps you can avoid the "chains"? Obviously it does depend on where you live. I have found one or two independent cafes that produce a good gluten-free choice of cakes etc. Your local coeliac group might have some suggestions.

  • I am wondering whether to start recommending cafes who do decent gluten free meals. They would only be relevant to the people in my area but if we all did it , it could be useful. I don't why they can't make their standard menues GF, my family eat the same meals as me apart from bread.

  • Good idea luv xx

  • You could try the Coeliac Map site.


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