Hot chocolate containing wheat,gluten etc

Just been to Ivybridge (Devon) Tesco cafe, was told by the staff, all of the foods cooked there could be cross contaminated, and when I looked in the Allergen folder I discovered the hot chocolate is red flagged for wheat and gluten and barley and rye and oats....the cafe has large Costco banners so I assume their drinks are the same mixture.

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  • Not worth it.

  • Hi patricia here I had the same problem but it was the gravy in a restaurant they said it was gluten free so may be it was but it was cross contamination with other foods in the kitchen so I got glutened it lasted days so be safe & in dought leave it out aero hot chocolate in the shops is gluten free take care patricia

  • The staff were very good and pointed out the cross contamination risk, but I wasn't given the allergy folder until I had sat down,,,,,,to my hot chocolate, and they happily replaced it with tea,however they were shocked about the hot chocolate and had it double checked via a manager.

  • I'd say never have gravy in a restaurant. It's never going to be gluten free.

  • Many instant drinks are not gluten free - they contain barley. When I was first diagnosed I was advised to avoid drinks from one of those machines where someone presses a button - yeah, so that's any where they aren't making it from scratch. Why? Because all the different drinks contaminate each other.

    Much chocolate has been contaminated - hence no gluten free label on the packaging.

    It's rubbish but it stops us being ill.

  • I think I was stunned by the fact that there were apparently 5 things in one drink that could affect us. There are very few places for us to eat safely, my mum thought she was safe ordering a jacket potato with cheese,(different cafe) mentioned she was coeliac and the chef told her that he dips his cheese in flour to make it grate easier! 'Careful' is the watchword

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