Celiac and new symptoms


Although i tried seriously to keep my GF diet but reflux is suffering me really...i used many strong pills to stop it but the pills sometimes reduce it and mostly not..what should i do..

Another problem is my finger joints pains..i can not hold things tightly it is painful...and also the joints are not soft..after waking up it is more painful..

And finally ..i heard someone after breaking the diet the chance of mortality will be so much high..is it true? And is it true that celiac causes 83 percent of cancer of stomach? I was diagnosed so much late..after 20 years..so im in danger?

Thank you for replys

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  • You could try eating more natural fat instead phcuk.org/booklets/

  • Sometimes reflux is because the stomach is too alkaline. To little acid.

    Pills and antacids do nothing and in some cases just make it worse.

    If this is the case for you, try drinking orange juice when you get reflux. Salsa with your meal. Tomato juice work too.

    Also have your vitamin B12 levels and folate tested for your joint pain. With your stomach issues, You may have an absorption issue for B12.

  • Wow

    Thank u so much

    I feel your suggestions will improve my problem

  • Reflux arghhh...in desperation I tried a level teaspoon of Bicarbonate of soda in half a glass of water, on an empty stomach first thing of a morning. I had read about this on Facebook, I drank it down in one go, yuk, it tasted horrible I had read it tastes salty, but the taste well let's forget it. Followed it with a glass of fresh water. I waited for something to happen. I ate breakfast, no reflux, went through the day, still no reflux after a day of eating, then I went to bed, this is the killer for me, nothing, I didn't sleep because I was waiting for the dreaded reflux. next morning I got up and repeated the dose. for a week now I have been reflux free, no antacids, I can bend over after eating and nothing. Unless I have tried something I would never suggest trying it. I do not take any prescription medication, I prefer using what nature has given us for any cure. I do not drink orange juice, but do eat tomatoes and things.

    We use butter for eating and rapeseed oil for cooking as well ghee and coconut oil. My husband used have to take something for his pains in his joints..Metacalm or something like that (we got married 6 years ago) and after I stuck him on the gluten free diet his stomach upsets and painful joints improved now he takes no prescribed medication, other than his Vit D capsule everyday and eats wholesome gluten free home cooked meals.

    This might help with your reflux problem. it has with mine even though it is early days it is so nice to sleep and not be woken with burning reflux,

  • Yessss...thanksssss

    So i should find gluten free soda..it is one year that i use pills and nothing happened..just to be worsed...i should examine all these nice suggestions...so good there are lots of ways

    Thank you dearest..wish u all health

  • I was desperate enough to use ordinary bicarb soda. I use this for cleaning my pots and pans to keep them shiny, so thought what the heck..........I am not celiac, just gluten intolerant. I can eat spelt flour and whatever flour is used in Poland to make Shepherd's Bread. I know the Polish Bakery near us gets his flour in from Poland. He never uses additives in his breads, this is why it only stays fresh for two days. it is the one bread I can eat without the usual upsets. I do hope something gives you relief the reflux. I also have a hiatus hernia that contributes to my problems. Getting older is not for sissies.

  • Thank you so much for your care

    I need to know how did you understand that you are gluten intolerant not celiac..in serology my ttg was always negative..just the anti geliadin IGA was positive..and the patholigy didnt mention anything..but i had about 20 years sores in my mouth mostly and some signs and symptoms..the dr told me it is celiac because of positive IGa and also because it is long time you had symptoms and you are better by GF diet..

    I try to be on 100 percent diet but always the test is positive..

    Is bicarb soda like a powder? I dont know from where ì should find it and prepare it...shall i go to pharmacy?

    You know my father is suffering by colon cancer..so i am in the genetic risk..and also celiac may increase the risk because for me it is in resisting ..it is my fobia to be on the cancer risk..im 38 year old woman..and by reflux i think it can suffer my throat and the pipe of breathing and other organs..so during this year by reflux i dont know what happened by my cells..and the sore in the stomach

    Anyway wish all good people health..for you specially

  • Bicarbonate Soda can be found in the baking goods section of the supermarket.

    I had allergies of unkown origin, way off the scale and used to have an anaphalytic reaction, so I got fed up with no-one being able to do anything but carrying an epipen in case it was needed in an emergency. I noticed when I ate certain foods I would get an allergic reaction , so kept a food diary. Having read up on different things causing allergies, I decided to help myself. It took time but I discovered the culprit. I asked to be tested for wheat and gluten as cause for allergy. BINGO...tested positive.

  • Thanks friend

    You helped me so much

    I try to find those other alergen points too

    Good luck

  • Taking antacids reduces your absorption of nutrients because stomach acid is needed to break down food so that it can be properly absorbed. So it can be a vicious circle of taking antacids to stop one problem and causing another. Perhaps you can try a few foods at a time and see if some of them cause worse reflux than others so that you can avoid them for a while until things settle down. Some of the gluten free bakery goods are full of additives and offer very poor quality nutrition so are best avoided. As for the joint pain, I back the vitamin B12 suggestion. Also good to check vitamin D levels and ferritin which is iron storage and should be above 50. I also had swollen finger joints for some time and eventually discovered it was mainly caused by tomatoes (sorry - opposite advice here so just try for yourself and see!). I can eat a bit of tomato but too much causes inflammation and this is common. As regards the digestive tract cancer issue, I read relatively recently that the risk is nothing like as high as they'd thought previously. Sorry I dont have a reference for that, though. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

  • Im so happy that i found such friends as you to help me by your advice...thats very good suggestions ..so yet there are lots of ways to control all things...im hopeful

  • Useful to note too that bicarbonate of soda helps to make your body alkaline, there's research to show that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment so there's another reason to try it, sounds like a win win :) I also believe that the more 'clean/real' food that we eat, the better. Processed food and drink really aren't healthy, gluten free or not. Hope you find relief, I've never really suffered but just having heartburn on occasionally was bad enough, good luck

  • Yes exactly..the good point of this disease is that we have to eat healthy

    Thanks alot

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