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Gluten/toast/ poorly !

Hi ...Last week I genuinely made a mistake and ate the wrong piece of toast. I only realised when I realised it tasted too nice. Nothing happened. Emboldened by this I had another piece yesterday. This evening I paid for it by having explosive diarrhoea (sorry) and a cracking headache.

I have not touched gluten for 18 months (Gluten intolerant)

What made the first piece of toast ok and the second so painful ?

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If you're intolerant then I thnk just by having the one piece, you kept the amount under your own intolerance level but then pushed over it with the second.

Should give you piece of mind that cross cntamination issues, when you eat out are less of a worry for you.


Thank you Lizzy. I still feel rotten and can't eat anything. I will never ,never do anything so stupid again.


Yes I regularly have similar experiences. I often eat crisps or sauces etc with barley malt extract or small amounts of wheat in them. I seem to be able to do this for a certain amount of time (perhaps a week or so) and only then will have an upset stomach. I think it's because I go over my own intolerance level.

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