gluten challenge

I have just started the gluten challenge after years cleared however being diabetic I had removed all processed food from my diet because of sugar and hidden additives not because of gluten..was only recently I made the connection when doing some home baking and then feeling horrific I remember how terrible I felt all those years ago but I'm going through with it because I want this solved

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  • I did my own experiments when I first stopped eating anything with gluten in it. I had to do it that way since the doctors wouldn't test me for any issues related to gluten or if there was any problems. Turns out, it's a sensitivity, but I still don't eat regular breads, cakes or anything made with wheat in it to be on the safe side. I've been gluten free for about 2-3 years so far.

  • Hi there, well good luck with your gluten challenge I hope that you get the answers that you want.

    Also you're in good company if you are a coeliac or want to be gluten free so well done for joining us and then making a post about it. So let us know how you get on with your challenge and if you find it hard and want some moral support then you ask away.

  • thanks for your comments having been clear of gluten for so long its quite surprising how difficult to add small amounts into my diet but the reactions are really unbelievable...and whatever the results I have the fortune to know this is a means to an end

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