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How many of you have Coeliac Disease and Hashimotos?

Ironically a GF diet is often advised for people with Hashimotos. However, if you have Coeliac Disease and then get diagnosed with Hashimotos later that doesn't follow the theory. Are there any natural ways you try to help your thyroid and what works for you? Do you get regular thyroid anti body checks at your annual coeliac check up?

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Was diagnosed with Coeliac first and Hashimotos many years later. However, if they had tested for thyroid antibodies earlier, I am sure they were there all along, in hindsight and with symptoms in mind. No annual Coeliac check up either.


I have both - Hashis first for 15 years and newly diagnosed Coeliac. Happily Thyroid levels are already starting to improve with being GF. I think the key for helping Thyroid function is making sure that all the vitamins and minerals needed are at the optimum levels. On the Thyroid UK page of HU there are videos that explain that you can take Thyroxin but it cannot work properly if things like ferritin, D3, B12 etc are too low.

I try and eat a healthy diet from all food groups but I also take supplements as I was low in Ferritin and D3 for a while


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