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Eatin out in London

We had great difficulty finding a restaurant in London's theatre land last week that could offer a Gluten Free meal. We were looking at the cheaper places but it was difficult. Lots of places could not adapt their menus. Chiquito proudly gave me their GF menu and then said they could not guarantee that the food was GF as the chefs did not clean their equipment between preparing dishes. Has anyone else experienced difficulties since the new laws about allergic food came in last December?

Any restaurant suggestions please? I know Pizza Express and Prezzo.

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Nandos is also gluten free if you dont have the bun zizzis do gluten free food and you need to try honest burger its to die for its so tasty they provide u with a gluten free bun and you have have gf onion rings and the chips are gluten free too :) oh and edes diner now have a gf menu you can also find cookies and scream in camden that give you gluten free and dairy free cookies and milkshakes hope this helps :). I look it up online really before i venture out as im lactose intolerant too oh ive heard dishoom is really nice to ive yet too dine there as its always so busy but they do a gf menu too Sam


Chains are usually your best bet: I've eaten several times at Carluccio's, Brasserie Blanc and Cote without any problems. Carluccio's has a separate GF menu and seems particularly clued up. Canteen (South Bank) is OK – not so many choices.

I think people will hardly ever fully guarantee it's GF in case they get sued - it's just a question of finding the places where they understand the consequences and train the staff properly.

Also, just remembered I had a good GF experience in Gourmet Burger Kitchen (not in the centre, but they have branches there too).


Carluccio's is No 1 for me - I'm veggie and coeliac (just to make life difficult) but it's fine. In fact, it's fantastic.


Wagamama's are very good. Never had any problems with ordering off their GF menu and the chefs have cleaned down their work stations before prep which is a great touch. I've also found that most places offering GF won't guarantee 100%. So much is trial and error. Good luck


There are a couple of 100% GF places in London - eg La Polentaria or Niche are both good options without breaking the bank.


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