Children and Family Life with Ceoliac Disease

Children and Family Life with Ceoliac Disease

Our daughter, Mae, was diagnosed very recently with ceoliac disease. She is coping really well so far, but I sense that we are at the beginning of a long journey. We are trying to make it fun by starting a blog for her at . We would love other families to share our journey. If you are a family on the same gluten-free path, please help us support each other and our children by visiting our blog and offering comments/advice/sharing recipes and so on. Thank you. Caroline from

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  • Hi Caroline, well Mae looks unfazed by being a coeliac so good for her.

    I've often thought there should be groups just for coeliac children/parents of coeliac children, so good luck to you, with this.

    Here's a link that may interest you and the owner Adriana is a member of GFG, please see:

    And here's a link to the gluten free gang so that members can just click on it:

  • Thanks very much. We are battling on and doing really great at home. Mainly Mae's been brilliant - and has really thrown herself into learning about coeliac disease and trying out new recipes with me. Unfortunately, she has eaten gluten accidentally on playdates and at school a few times. Small things - like a few nuts with a coating, some rice crispies (come on Kelloggs!), some bread at school when she wasn't offered an alternative, trying another child's food when she forgot and there was no parent around. I am wondering whether to write some sort of crib sheet that I can send with her on playdates/to school. . . .there is definitely more to be done for coeliac children - it is a slightly different journey to an adults as there are so many people from whom they need support. . .

  • I agree and know how difficult it is for me so realise how hard it must be for a coeliac child.

    In Italy they regularly test children for CD so they grow up knowing about it, here's a link to an article in the Independent:

    I think that a crib sheet with a few pointers for other parents is an excellent idea and think that other parents would thank you for this as no one wants to make their friends school friend ill. And at the end of the day you'd be doing Mae a big favour.

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