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My husband has been gluten free for 6 months. As with lots of you his celiac test was negative but he didn't want to go back on gluten to repeat test. Initially it seemed a miracle cure. His IN A symptoms cleared up over night. Bloating went. He still had some acid indegestion but proton pump inhibitors tablets sorted that out. Over the last 6 weeks his I B S symptoms have returned. He had started to take multivitamins so he has stopped those in case they are having a laxative effect. Any other ideas.? He wonders if taking a higher dose of the indigestion tablets would make the IN A better too ? Doctor is fairly useless on this subject although has been good with other health problems. X

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Hi dedeottie, I bought some multi vit's last year as I had a cold and they said gluten free on them but acted like a laxative on me, when I checked the ingredients they contained mannitol, which can be derived from wheat and is used as a baby laxative.

As for taking indigestion tablets I'd personally look at his diet to see if you can't eliminate the need for them as all meds have side effects and affect other parts of the body.

You also have to realise that everyone gets an upset stomach sometimes and it is all to easy to think we've eaten something when it's just been a bug.

I hope that your hubby feels better soon.


Hi and thanks for your help. I looked on the multivitamins and no baby laxative but has magnesium citrate which turns out to have laxative properties! He is going to leave them out for a while and see if that helps. Don't think it's a bug as it been going on for a few weeks. Let's hope the magnesium is the culprit. Once again, thanks.x


It's very easy to eat a food which contains gluten even if you are doing your best to stay off it. I often find that packets of almonds, for example, trigger bloating and I suspect that there's some flour been used somewhere along the process. Now mainline supermarket free from products may have gluten in them. Curries very often seem to have some - again, maybe used in some process involving the spices way back in the collection and sorting and drying process, and not on the packet.

Have you also tested for h pylori?


Thank you. I think we found the problem. He was taking multivitamins and when he stopped the problems went away again. They didn't state specifically glutten free so could be that or we wondered if the magnesium in them might be the culprit. X


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