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I am B 12 deficient, And am still trying to find out how often I need the injections as I don't absorb, my Doctor is a very nice man, but reactive rather than proactive, he is trying his best but unfortunately the NICE, guidelines are not helping, what do these numbers mean? I was low at183 my 6 injections took me up to 2000, I felt really well and then was told I could have an injection every 3 months, by that time I had started to become ill again at 507, I need to be around 1200 to stay well, so now have to work out when my injections are needed so again I ask the Question What do these numbers mean, when guidelines for Great Britain are 500. What has your experience been?

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Hi there, 1200 sounds a bit high to me and 2000 very high so here's a previous post asking a similar question:

Here's a link to past posts on this:

Now what is causing your low B12 levels and do you have other deficiencies? because if you are low in vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) which many people are this time of year and especially coeliac, so rather than treating the symptom you want to look for the cause.

In the meantime why not buy an over the counter vitamin with iron and take those daily so that your B12 levels aren't yo yo-ing all over the place. I would ask to speak to the pharmacist first to seek their guidance.

That's my 2p's worth and good luck.


Thank you Jerry, I'm really well at the moment, have done more research and found most of Europe recommend 900 to a 10000, so will aim to stay at the 1000 Mark, we are all different, I've just come through Breast Cancer so am on Vitamin D. Life is just beginning to look good again. Thank you all so much for your support.


Hi In the UK they will only give B12 if levels are below 200, but once you start having jabs they are for life. Also your levels will show higher once you have started jabs. So at around 500 in the UK u are considered OK. Having had pernicious anaemia for 18 years and am always fatigued levels don't mean a great deal. a jab once every 3 months is usual after initial loading jabs. Some doctors allow monthly or bimonthly if symptoms not improved but not all doctors. PA society doing lots to get treatment improved. In meantime some people self inject or take bilingual lozenges of B12. See PA community for threads on this or give them a call. Hope this has been useful


You are meant to get b12 injections every 12wks and as long as you are ok with this ie not excessively tired then that's cool, but I get my injection every 10wk as I was constantly falling asleep in the 3 wks leading up to my injection

Jane x


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