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Itching in the ears...eczema...autoimmune issues

it sounds like eczema in your ears. I had that for many years. it is part of auto immune disorders that concern the skin and tissue. remember that your skin is an organ too. I rid myself of it over several month and have permanent relief now. mine became so bad it started to bleed but not only in my ears. it spread over time to my arms and legs (especially my knees). I researched this problem and found that the amino acid GLA in primrose oil could help. I took 8000 IU's the first 3 month in order to flood my body which is likely devoid of it, because we don't eat the right foods to provide our body with it. after 3 month I found significant relief, no bleeding and the lesions where almost gone. after 3 months I cut back to 4000 IU's and eventually to 2000 IU's per day. Since then I learned much more about auto immune disease and have changed my diet in the last 6 years or so to non processed foods and went off gluten. I found I no longer needed to take the Primrose oil. I did however find that when I had a gluten attack from contaminated food I would temporarily get itching in my ears. this lead me to consider that gluten might (although anecdotaly) be responsible for damaging or stopping the uptake of the GLA (Gama Linolenic Acid) through my intestine. I furthermore suggest that a fermented food regimen is implemented in order to provide healthy bacteria for the gut. This would reestablish better facilitation for all nutrient uptake. Yogurt is an option but many yogurt companies over process. Your research should consider whole food diet, high raw for a determined amount of time, and high mineral source food such as green leaves (easier to take in large doses by making green smoothies with fruit. This life style has positively affected myself, my diabetic brother (reads perfect everyday) and my son who has Asperger syndrome. I hope that you find what you are looking for and health follows.


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