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Anyone help

Not even sure if I am on the right topic but here it goes.. I am a area manager for over two years, anyway back in sept 2014 I broke up with my partner. A very stressful time, thinking I was getting over it my health taken a turn for the worst, no one really new what was wrong with me, it seems that everytime I eat or get stressed my legs heat up burning even to the point I have to put ice on them they go red and they start to swell, or when I am on the phone and someone upsets me I feel my legs start to burn and before long I look down and they are red and swollen.. Feels like I got water in them and become very heavy

Around the back of the knee hurts the most and down the back of the legs ankles I get tinkly feeling in my feet and I can't feel anything from the knee down,, do you think it's anything from guten ? Allergies, when I eat salads all day am fine can anyone give me any advice as I feel a bit of a misfit ..

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Hi Crystal,

You could be a coeliac but this sounds to me like neuropathy or pseudo neuropathy. And some people with diabetes get diabetic neuropathy, then there is peripheral neuropathy and interesting stress can mimic peripheral neuropathy and here's a link about it:

One thing to bear in mind is that our skin is the largest of our bodies organs and think about how we blush with embarrassment sometimes, yet blushing is not caused by an illness or an infection. But it shows how our emotions can affect our bodies and our skin.

Another thing that can causes burning skin sensations is adrenal insufficiency but you'd need to consult your GP about this. I don't know much about it except that low vitamin B 12 can be a trigger and we've had a lot on here recently about B 12.

Now last September is not very long ago and it takes time to get over a relationship and sometimes when we have been under a lot of stress as we start to feel a bit better our bodies let go and we become ill. You also have a stressful job by the sounds of things and the sort of job where the show must go on so you haven't been able to take a back seat.

So I will tell you what I would do and that is go to your GP and ask for a full blood test to ascertain that you are not anaemic or low in vitamins or minerals, you could also ask to have this include blood sugar levels and have your cholesterol checked. If I'm honest I expect that you probably feel a bit run down and a multi vitamin could be really beneficial, we often go low in Vitamin D at this time of year too. But you must not take iron supplements for a couple of weeks before having a blood test.

Time does heal so try and reassure yourself of this and don't rush into another relationship, sometimes we just have to let time run it's course and then when you're not expecting it you will know that you've met someone else and that emotionally you are ready and most importantly without baggage. I'm happily divorced so speak from experience and I learnt to be content without being happy or sad, now I suffer from being irritatingly cheerful.

Stress is a killer and it is only you who is suffering so I'd try to keep things in perspective, like you obviously have a good job so focus on the good things that you have and try not to think about tomorrow or the day after just trying to feel OK now.

And good luck and if you are a coeliac then you're in good company on here.



My advice would be don't take advice from strangers on the internet. Get yourself down to your doctor and let him check you out.

Good luck


If I hadn't taken advice from strangers on the internet I would still be very ill. You need people to point you in the right direction, someone to suggest what tests your doctor should be doing and you also need people to support you when you are feeling low.

Moggie x


My dear friend Jerry

How can I thank you enough first hand experience by the sound of it, I always say you have to have gone though it to fully understand how I feel, being married to someone you love but don't love themselfs is hard. To drink themself to the point of them not caring if they where dead or alive, I work so hard yes my job is stressful but I love it.. I will cut my hours down as I am a spiritual person and have helped many for over 35 years, but as my sister says you can't help everyone, I was happy of the break to be honest taking my partner to gatwick and made sure he got on it was my breaking point I didn't care.. I was numb.. On my way home I thought oh when I get home all the memories as I walked it it was lovely peace at last .. You are right the next day off to work I go feeling a little sad but happy but the big part of it was sorting out the mess after.. Then my son had to come back home as he sufferings from siezures and the home that was meant to be looking after him didn't social worker said they will help him find another place with the right care I have not heard anything apart at Christmas they wanted him to stay on his own with a caring coming in once a day.. Jay no good at being on his own and time and time again I have to remind him what he has to do some days are better then others.. So am at work trying to sort bills out worrying if jay ok at home.. Working more hours to keep a roof over our head.. And I have not been strong enough to deal with the social workers so I am getting a lawyer to deal with jay.

The pain started a month after the split.. And then the other leg, I am a fit person and used to do 45 mins a day on the cross trainer, but I don't do any I try to eat healthy and I have only just started HRT which has helped the way I think but my legs still hurt and feel numb regarding diabetes my mother and father both had it mother injection father tablets but once he changed his diet he didnt need to have them anymore but my poor mother had it for years.. And suffered. For years but cancer got the better of her.. God bless her soul.

Jerry I want to thank you for your kind advice and to be honest most of what you said makes sense I will update you after my blood results

Good bless always

Crystal xxxx

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try gluten free for several months to clear your system and then have wheat for a few days when you are not going to be too busy. you will see if it is a gluten sensitivity. Gluten is known for causing many ailments including swelling and auto immune problems with skin or joints. Lots to learn on the subject,but staying off gluten will help you. just start adding probiotics at the same time and work on a whole food plan intead of processed. good luck and healthy living

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Was intending to reply ie about heaviness and tingly painful ankles..neuropathy etc..As I too experience these symptoms ..but on reading the response from Jerry I think that says it all. I agree with all those comments.

I loved this comment.......

I'm happily divorced so speak from experience and I learnt to be content without being happy or sad, now I suffer from being irritatingly cheerful.

ermmmm I too am newly Separated and am truly Happy Happy now like I cant remember before....

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Bless you both xxx


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