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Coeliac, asthma and pneumonia is there a link?

Hi Folks, we know that there are links with CD and diabetes and other autoimmune diseases. I was interested by a comment by Lynxcat about having had pneumonia and then a very painful lung infection. Because I had pneumonia when I was a baby and a few years ago I went to bed feeling OK and when I woke in the morning I couldn't breath properly and it was so painful I stayed in bed for 2 days before eventually going to my Dr who gave me antibiotics. This was when Hong Kong flu was prevalent in the UK so I assumed it was that. I then had a letter from my Gastro advising me that they had found that many coeliac who had, had pneumonia also had a scratched lung.

In layman's terms having CD suppresses our spleens and this makes coeliac more vulnerable to pneumonia and Asthma.

I feel I'm on dangerous territory here as I am not a medic and we have a medical student as a member. But to me this shows that there is far more to having CD or being genetically predisposed to it than flattened villi. And the advantage of being a member of GFG is by reading others experiences we can relate to things and not feel so isolated in our symptoms.

So I thought this might be of interest to others and how many of you have had pneumonia or have asthma or both? Also interestingly Vitamin D comes into the equation.

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Hi Jerry, I have found a simple site for those who may not be sure if their speens are working at their optimum best. This explains what it is like to have a weakened spleen and I thought it was quite enlightening ..

The first link tells of what to look for by looking at the tongue ..

The second link is a list of symptoms of what a person with a weakened spleen may experience ..

When you look at these links it makes you wonder if it is CD that gives us most of our symptoms or the fact that our spleens have and are being compromised!

Wonder if there is anything we can do to improve matters?


I was diagnosed 3 years ago with DH my gp appeard to be useless, he gave me no advice and did not send me to a nutritionist---I have managed by reading the internet and by getting my food directory. There is a new gp and he has set up a coeliac data base and we have all been offered 2 jabs----one is specifically to protect the spleen (can't remember the other) so there is a way out there that doctors know of to help protect us!


Yes there are indeed links with Asthma and pneumonia in Coeliacs.

There's many pieces of research on this.




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