You've hit a milestone! 4000 of you now have joined the Gluten Free Guerillas HU community

You've hit a milestone! 4000 of you now have joined the Gluten Free Guerillas HU community

Congratulations for building a true gluten free health movement in HealthUnlocked!

Whenever you write a post, ask a question or reply to someone, you are touching the lives of other people with Coeliac Disease or Gluten sensitivities by spreading the benefit of shared, personal health experiences. And beyond that you have built a resource that will benefit people for years to come.

It's been wonderful to see the community thrive. Keep up the great, supportive network you started!

Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think about the achievement.

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  • Am I the only one who is confused…?

    The email I received from HealthUnlocked email says we GFG's now have 6000 members - so where did the other 2000 members suddenly disappear to...!

  • Hi Regalbirdy, the membership is now 4070, the number of members is shown on the top right hand side of the GFG home page and it lists the number of posts made on here which's 2323.

    This statement is correct as I have been watching membership growing towards 4000. So my question to you is, are you a member of any other HU communities?

    As for 2000 missing coeliac...

    I remember when Fiona first started GFG and excitedly emailed me saying how there were 100 members so I reckon 4K is good and would like to see more members asking questions and chatting about how they feel about being gluten free etc. I also think that it is thanks to members like you who make long, intelligent and sensitive replies to others problems that helps membership grow.

    If you access GFG posts directly then before selecting a post click communities and it takes you to the GFG home page where membership numbers and the number of posts made are displayed.

    Or at the top of each post is ''Gluten Free Guerillas'' and that takes you straight back to the home page.

    I hope this helps,


  • I think that the whole premise of HU is excellent because it allows us a medium to discuss our issues, this then is an excellent way of providing info that can be collated for medical professionals, so we all benefit.

    I also think that what makes being part of any HU community is the vast range of groups and so we have coeliac members who also have thyroid issues and they can be members of both communities and this gives a coherence that individually run health sites cannot achieve.

    I hope that the HU team are aware that on GFG our medication is our diet so what we can eat and what we have to avoid are paramount to us and it puts us in a different situation to other HU groups who have to rely on medication. And I think that this is very important to 'us' as a community as what we can eat and where we can buy it is the positive side of having to be gluten free and I think that this aspect of our needs should be encouraged to have a ballance with 'our' medical issues.

    So that's my 2p's worth and here's a big thank you from me to the HU team for GFG with 4000 members and still growing.


  • I would like to add to this thanks to both of you and others who can be relied on to answer posts from new or worried members. I dip in and out and don't often answer posts unless they strike a chord as I worry I don't have all of the right answers. This activity and positive support must contribute to the success of the group.

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