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Gluten Free Options in Cornwall

Just a heads up for anyone living in or planing to travel to Cornwall this summer.

Firstly if you're in the South, ( I was based in Looe), and with O2, you won't get any 3g coverage, so the new Coelaic App will be useless.

Secondly, for anyone who's specifically travelling to the Looe area, there are a few places that I came across that had decent g/f options.

Papa Ninos has g/f pasta available. Small, but nice and friendly restaurant. May need to book in advance though.

The Catch fish and chip shop has g/f fish and chips available. They advise you at the time that the wait may be a little longer, but fish and chips from a chip shop is worth a few minutes. There is a small area to sit, but it's more of a take away really.

Cornerstone Bar and Grill- Nothing on the board outside, but the menu had g/f hot dogs and burger buns available. Chips were also g/f.

Sarah's pasty shop/Sarah's cake shop - g/f pasties and a small selection of g/f cakes.

There is also an ice cream parlour on the quayside that has g/f cones. They are about £2.50 each mind (just the cone). The girl behind the counter seemed pretty well clued up as to which ice creams were g/f and which were not as well. This might also be called Sarah's but not entirely sure. It is quayside though near the Old Sail pub.

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Hi barryd, I hope that you had a good holiday as the weather has been great. I think the moral is to do your homework first rather than relying on being able to get a mobile signal.

And if you go again I'd check Fleur cafe out in the Fore street Looe:

I'm from the west country with family living in Cornwall so I have a list of places that serve gf food especially Cornish pasties...

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Hi Jerry, I did scan t'internet for help prior to leaving and found a few places . Knew about Fleur's and did have a cake from there but didn't eat in as the weather was scorching and it was a bit of a greenhouse to be honest. Bad enough going in for sixty seconds to get a scone.


This is brilliant! We are visiting Looe next month so any GF info about this area, would be gratefully received. :-D


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