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GF at Dublin Airport

Anyone who's ever flown through Dublin airport will remember that it is difficult to find anything. You can take a wrong turn towards a different gate and find a whole new world of different shops and food outlets, none of them signposted from anywhere else!

Well, I've been going to Ireland for work 2-3 times a month and thought I'd exhausted the (non-existent) GF options at Dublin airport. I'd got into the habit of stopping off at a petrol station to buy snacks and juice, and eating them before I go through security.

Last night the loo I usually head for before my flight is called was closed for cleaning, so I went wandering and found the Terrace Bar. It is upstairs, next to a Burger King, just before the corridor and ramp that splits off for gates 200-220.

All their sandwiches are available on GF bread, their burgers and salad dressings are GF and I had a delicious bacon cheeseburger in a GF bun that restored my faith in the potential edibility of GF bread!

Sadly their chips are not safe (cooked in with batter, as they were quick to explain: "if it's for medical reasons, you need to know that...") but they filled my plate with extra salad.

Super fast service, too.

Thoroughly recommended and I'm only irritated with myself that I didn't go wandering sooner! Could have avoided a lot of petrol station potato salad and pre-sliced cheese!!

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Fantastic news...of course, Ireland has a high incidence of Coeliac disease, so there certainly should have been someone catering for us.

Thanks for sharing, DartmoorGuerrilla.


Great news & of course there's the option of taking your own sandwiches etc in your bag just in case there's nothing available.


I travel by train alot from manchester piccadiliy and last time i got there early went to the sainsburys in the train station to get some fruit and welst i was in there i realized they had prepacked g/f w/f sandwiches only had two to choose from but i bought one for my journey was really tasty and no reacation to it. Since then i have asked in sainsbury stores but they don,t stock them,it must be easy enough to stock them as the company have the machinary to do all the packaging and must have the room to do it,i,d like to know if anybody else as noticed them anywhere


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