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Crash & burn?

So after my eventful episode a couple of weeks ago where I pretty much crashed out for 2 days Gluten has struck again!!

Does anyone else just lose every ounce of life and fall asleep/crash out?

I stupidly ate some sweets without checking the label, low and behold...gluten! ARRRGH! Then by the afternoon I uncontrollably fell asleep at my desk. Luckily no boss this week and my colleague is Coeliac so he realised what was wrong and left me to it. Cause for concern though, what if I was driving?!


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Yes, I used to get exactly this. I'd start feeling tired a short time after the glutening and have to go and lie down – and would then sleep like somebody who'd been drugged, for at least three hours. I'd get thirsty too. I'd usually be OK but slow the next day and worse on day 3, then fine again.

Even when I didn't want to sleep I just sat around unmotivatedly in my pyjamas feeling unable to focus on anything – It wiped out whole weekends and made work very difficult. I didn't get any stomach issues at all – that only happened after I went gluten free. I'm not diagnosed coeliac though, but do have pernicious anaemia.

I've assumed it was some kind of blood sugar thing going on, but never really got to the bottom of it, and the last time I was properly glutened (after a big gap) the sleeping thing didn't happen – it was more like flu, so maybe my body's changed.


I think your body does change. I've never had the sleep problem, more the 'unable to sleep' one - I can go to bed dog tired and lie awake till 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning, not worrying about anything - just feeling vaguely anxious and churned up inside. Its quite horrible!

Next morning I'm rubbish.


I have both it seems, I either completely crash to the point where I can't do anything, or, like this week cannot get to sleep or wake up at 3/4am. Palpitations too now, not sure if it's related but it's there.


Try calming meditation or chant CDs. My ear buds fit right in and I can even sleep on my side. I've been using this method of sleeping (not pills) for years. Works for me. I hope it's some help for you. You can probably find things to download from Internet or try the library.


So ill again today after a few days of being fine...suspects...mushrooms and/or banana?!

1 week until I take all this to the docs for the 100th time! *sigh*


I have a problem with mushrooms and other yeast/mould type food, also have to take care to avoid sugar as much as possible.

Good luck at the doctors!


I ate two Krispy Kremes (donuts) one Sunday and slept like I was unconscious for five hours!!


I do feel extremely exhausted after being 'glutened' and feel sleepy for days.. I assumed it was the physical exertion of extreme vomiting and diarrhoea that had taken its toll on my energy reserves..


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