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Is it me or is anyone one else having trouble clicking on posts? I've just tried to see the post on on-line support from Pretender and was linked to a collection of previous posts. This isn't the first time it's happened.

Also we seem to have posts advertising products?????? I don't mind links to GF suppliers but if adverts are allowed I think we'll be inudated.

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Hi there, first I would restart your PC and if the problem persists then click on the help button on GFG:

As for adverts, letting others know what is out there gluten free wise is a grey area in that members can say how good juvela bread is and that is OK but if a coeliac who has an independent gluten free business it is deemed at advertising if they tell us about a new product but if it is by a 2nd party then it is deemed OK.

I think we as coeliac want to know about what gluten free foods there are out there other than what is available in the free from aisles or on prescription. When I posted about Malago's (Maggie's) pork pies for sale at a market in Bristol there was a lot of interest and many members wanted to know if they could be bought by mail order and I happened to know about the Foodamentalist and their pies being for sale at markets in Yorkshire and by mail order so I posted about that on here and contacted Steve from the Foodamnetalist and made him aware of GFG and put about his pies on my web site: I do this to help promote independent gluten free food companies as good gluten free choices are 'our' medicine. And I pay for all the running costs of WithoutGluten and do not have adverts or charge anyone so it is 100% financed by me for the benefit of the coeliac community.

I only found out by accident that Malago runs the Store cupboard and sells her gf goodies at a market in Bristol less than 3 miles from me so feel that it is in our benefit to know what we can buy and where.

And I hope you get your issue with reading posts sorted.


HI Jerry, thanks for the tip on re-booting.

Of course I endorse any efforts of our members to make our community more aware of bespoke GF products. My point is that if producers see our forum as a free route to market and start to post (or rather promote their wares) then I for one will be less likely to see it as a community of like minded folk seeking to help each other and more a shop window.

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Hi SilverDreamMachine, I have to confess that after I went to the market in Bristol and posted about the Store cupboards pies and with others asking about mail order I emailed Stevan enthusiastically and said you want to read this as we're all talking about gf pork pies and I bet other members would really like to know where and when they can buy yours at markets!

Which after joining us he did and he informed members in the York area about a coeliac food fair in York organised presumably by the York branch of Coeliac UK.

So it is 100% down to me and I'm sorry if I have concerned any other members over this.

As for GFG turning into a shop window this just isn't going to happen and that is because Health unlocked sites are primarily for health issues and they use cookies to collate medical info which's what finances them. With coeliac/gluten intolerant we are in a different situation as gf food is our cure so we are one of the few HU sites that discuss recipes and where to buy what.

And if you look at the most popular posts that come up time and time again they are why don't I feel better, why are my blood levels so low, why do I feel tired, associated conditions. And what can I eat and where can I buy this or how do I make this.

Lastly many members of GFG feel isolated or worse still suffer depression so I would hope that seeing a picture of gf food could cheer some people up. I go in a cafe that serves amazing gf cakes and I get people looking at me with my great big chunk of cake and they probably wonder why I'm not fat but they don't think poor bloke he's on a special diet so there's nothing he can eat here. So maybe I was a bit over enthusiastic but all I want to do is encourage others to look beyond the free from aisles.


Hi Jerry,

Thanks for your response.

Please don't think I am against anyone trying to help others source food we can eat safely, particularly if it's made by independants rather than much of the poorly tasting stuff we can source from supermarkets.

I would also support any independent retailers using our site as a one off, to announce they have launched a new GF food. What would be a shame, in my view, is the site being used by suppliers directly to promote specific items and gradually the site looses the community feel of like minded people helping each other and it becomes more of a marketing tool. We're a long way off that and my original post was just to flag a concern about advertising and now you have explained the rationale behind it I understand why you did it.

I don't know if HealthUnlocked is capable of having sub-groups? If so one linked to ours could be used by companies like Foodamentalists to create awareness of their products. Then those that wanted to 'subscribe' could. Just a thought.


Yes, this happened to me with yesterday's posts, just couldn't get on to them. I don't use a PC! Just an iPad. However, today all us back to normal thank goodness.


Hi Adnil, I use both and all seems well at the moment. Fingers crossed!

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