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A mathematical solution appears to be on the way to a 'may be cure'

I am adding this link as I found it very interesting and it may offer hope to us all in the not too distant future. Apparently everything that was up until now accepted, may for the first time be possibly being turned upside down.

'Nothing is ever set in stone; so always carry optimism in your heart.' Anon

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Hi Lynxcat, this is very interesting so thanks for posting this link. I see that Dr Duffy has joined forces with the team in Melbourne and they seem to be years ahead on research over there.

I would love to see a 'cure' for coeliac and the other autoimmune diseases. I also know that I would be very intrepid introducing gluten to my diet again in the first instance regardless of how well the cure appeared to work.

At least we can live in hope so thanks again for sharing this link.


Please don't hold your breath


We live in hope!


Thanks for sharing that with us, case of watch this space eh!

I have got to say, that to a simple person like myself, it seemed to be a common sense result.

Bizarre, that this conclusion hadn't been reached before.

We are not made up of just a single chemical,gas or alloy.

That has a known, scientifically proven. chain reaction.

When mixed with another item.

We are unique, different DNA signature for everyone of us.

We all have different thresh holds for life's stresses.

Pain, seizures etc, & at a much more basic level how many of us seem to just get one cold or bug after another, whilst other family members sharing the same house hold. Have the constitution of an ox & never seem to 'catch' anything!

Then you hear of another strong as an ox type who is laid low by the seemingly mildest of bugs.

Some families have a family history of being more susceptible to certain problems than others-

E.N.T type issues where my 3 children were concerned. As all had their Tonsils & Adenoids removed, then Gromets inserted by the time they were 4yrs old.

So if our endurance levels, energy levels reaction times & chemical balances that can be influenced by hormone levels...

Who..What..Where & Why would the boffins of this world expect everyone's immune system to react in a uniform way to known illnesses & diseases?

Or am I just being silly! : D


Thanks everyone for responding. I am very hopeful, as times are not how they used to be. We only have to look how quickly since DNA was introduced in prosecutions as to how from quite a fresh, large piece of DNA was required to ascertain who was involved in a crime - to now when only a fragment, a miniscule portion of 'stale' or 'old' DNA can identify people present at a crime scene.

The fact that so much has progressed with DNA should show just how fast everything in the scientific world is moving, including knowledge being built up about Coeliac Disease .. our mountain will be moved and sooner than any of us may currently anticipate. We all need to keep positive, remain alert and when any of us we see a scrap of any information, be prepared to share it here and keep everyone informed.

:o) In the meantime, keep smiling, keep reading, keep commenting and help to keep all of us in a good frame of mind!


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