Overactive gut hormones

Just wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with this. I've posted a Q on the Thyroid area of this site but wondered if this problem is also known to occur with coeliac disease. Are there many people who have received a negative blood test and then go on to experience symptoms that match coeliac disease but have been told following a biopsy that they have abnormal gut hormones. It's apparently rare with a couple of specialist centres in the UK. I've been diagnosed with Perncious Anaemia as well and this could also be linked.

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  • Hi Irene and poor you. Here's a link recently posted on a Yahoo message board about Thyroid probs and coeliac: bit.ly/aoU0ca


    I hope it helps,


  • Thank Jerry I'll have a read. I've posted this to the Thyroid UK HU page and am getting responses there as well.

  • As discussed this site is also useful: netpatientfoundation.com/sp... it specialises in NET (neuro-endochrine tumours). Now not all people with raised gut hormones go onto develop these tumours, yet it is a very handy site for info on UK specialists and the latest research linked to the NET.

  • Thanks I'll have a read.

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