Hurt foot in hospital, need guidance. Is it arthritis?

Hurt foot in hospital, need guidance. First ignored I was in pain,then several days later had broken bones. Ignored again.

Requested walking frame after borrowing one from patient (still have it) not suitable for outside use. Housebound now, was very very active before fall in hospital. Insisted via gp on having repeat xray of foot. Apparently gp was told I had sciatica no mention of told via xray arthritic. Gp said I can have physio but must pay my own transport. Doesnt seem like arthritic condition to me. How can a condition be ignored then change from one to another without seeing me. Hospital care poor. I am elderly but was very active and did voluntary help which obviously unable to do now. Would a second opinion be advisable or do drs think when you are in 70s its easy to say arthritus.

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  • Hi asborne what a dillema. To be treated like that is terrible. You most certainly do need a second opinion on the foot. I mean it could well be arthritis but even then an x ray could help. Coeliac's can suffer from vitamin deficiencies that put them at risk of fractures. I do hope things go better for you, and that you are back to being active soon.

  • Rekon far to late to do much now. More than likely will get false apologies and sorry...but will still be invalid and stuck indoors apart from maybe use ring and ride. Use Miles of Smiles at moment, before could use bus pass. Now had to get gardener and trying to manage house otherwise £10 hour. Last one didnt turn up as only requested one hour Very expensive for me due to lack of care..

  • Physiotherapist phoned and thought it best to see me at home. He spent some time with me on Thursday and will come again Monday. At last care and interest shown but he was concerned as the fall was 6 months ago. At least I can stop pestering the surgery for help. It will be a shame if the care was neglected for too long.

  • Sorry the fall in hospital wqas in January so more like 4 months ago.

  • Hi, getting physio at home now, not any progress yet, is going to ask doctor about MRI scan. Have been provided with 3 wheel walking aid.just about managing but stiffens up overnight, unable to manage without pain relief. Will be able to go for 3mthly Vitb12 inj., now Gp told chemist to prescribe 2mg valium 3 times day without telling or seeing me. Refused to have chemist prescription so surgery told me dr wanted me to have it. Very odd as hadnt been seen. Suppose I could have sold them. Correct care in Jan., could have perhaps kept me active.

  • You definitely need a second opinion. Pain in the foot can be so many things, but whatever the origin it needs sorting. When I sprained my knee I had such pain in my foot I could barely put weight on it, and all that needed was a few weeks of putting an arch support insole (from Boots) in my shoe.

    Some doctors sometimes forget it's not about a diagnosis, the objective is to treat you!

  • The doctors didnt listen at all to me, insisted nothing wrong no interest or pain relief given for days. At times had to plead for chair to wheel me to toilet. Once was told to hop by ward sister. At 76yrs that would be expecting a bit much. Was very active could cycle, swim, go to zumba (not class for oldies) do 16 plus hours volunteer work. Now am invalid since January. Fall was on hospital ward where I should have been looked after and doctors listened. Have put in complaint but rekon too late to repair damage. Just want to get outside and back leading normal life.

  • Trying arch support. Physio due again, doing his best so will see what he suggests. Awaiting hospitals explanation also. Footballers get injured foot and ankles and play again so rekon something can be done. Just means having to pester as am not ready to be an old lady and sit back and let the world go by.

  • I had disc trouble that presented in the foot...get another opinion!

  • I am having trouble with pain , worse if foot used to hobble about as one has to preparing meals etc., very painfull tonight again. Have requested xray results still waiting. Physio I think due tomorow at 2pm. Have put complaint into PALS not that the staff will agree with me.Might say spine as whatelse is left. Just ligament and tendons. Seems like a guessing game to me.

  • Hi,Spine only showing small wear. Wonder how it could effect foot if not sciatica. Unable to go flat since fall, so apart from pain difficult to walk and use stairs.

  • Hi asbourne I go with what the others are saying - if you're worried, a second opinion may be a good idea. You still don't seem to have all the answers you need/want yet.

    It's not the same thing but it took me a GP, a consultant and a second GP before I got my B12 levels sorted out (and btw it was the second GP and not the consultant who listened to what I was saying).

    Persistence sometimes pays off - good luck and I hope you become more mobile again soon.

  • Vit B12 fine. Have asked for second opinion but understand that is up to gp.

  • Think persistence is my middle name. To be mobile and painfree are my goals, so I have to be persistent otherwise would be left in house. Thanks for good luck wish I sure do need it.

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