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Transgender going from Male to Female Testosterone Blocker and other info


My TG Doctor Fiona Bishop (Transgender Specialist) has drop my Testosterone Blocker Androcur from 50mg to 25mg and also up the dosage on my HRT Estradot from 100mg to 150mg (2x 75mg patches)

What i want to know is how long will it take for the Androcur to kick in again and what will happened to my testosterone levels since i will be taking 25mg of Androcur instead of 50mg of Androcur and also what will happened to my body since i will be taking 150mg of Estradot (2x 75mg patches)

instead of 100mg of Estradot

Ps: My testosterone levels were a little to high

Ps: My transgender specialist Fiona Bishop who is a very good doctor she did not say much at all. All she said was this is a 4 month trial.

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It migth seem strange but the body does it's own thing so what you think could bo/do one thing will do sonething else!

As high/more isn't always the best as part of is that you have to trick the body into doing what you need/want it to do.

The body will do with what it see's fit with the three hormones Estrogen/Progesterone/Testosterone so if you took lot's of T don't always mean your T is going to sky rocket as it can convert it into E!

when i was on T over my Prolactinoma i got lot's of breast growth because the key was already in place over high prolactin etc

Know of others been on lot's of E etc for quite a while and T won't go down so be patient and look/learn/listen

The best thing for TG is knowledge learn as much as can about it and your body so always at the optimum with food/sleep/excercise/living well plus mindfullness


Hey TransGirl, pleased to have you on here, and its good that you can share some of your story with us.

So many of us, on here, are doing so many different things, there isn't a definitive answer to what you are asking, and none of us are Dr's so we aren't qualified to say what should be prescribed for you. I'm guessing that Dr. Bishop is an Endocrinologist, and would speculate that she knows what she's doing.

From personal experience, I was originally taking Anti-androgen and Estrogen, I was self medicating at the time, but after convincing my GP to provide Bridging Hormones until I get to see the Endo, next month, we had a good long chat about medication, and he had a a chat with my new Endo, and between us we decided to cut out the Anti-androgen and up the Estrogen ... My Testosterone is Naturally low, and doing it that way is easier on your body, it has less to do ...

There are lots of recent studies that show that anti-androgens are not necessary in M2F as Estrogen is already being prescribed, the recommendations are quickly changing to become "prescribe higher doses of Estrogen and cut out, or at least lessen, the Anto-androgens."

Not really answered your questions, but its all about balancing the hormones, the Estrogen can, and will, overpower the Testosterone, an as the previous reply said, we are are different and and our bodies accept changes in different ways.

You didn't say how long you have been on CSH (Cross Sex Hormones), as its called now. I have been on CSH, Estrogen only for the last for months, since January, and the effects are very clear, change in skin tone, fat relocation has started, changes to hair growth, and of course, breast growth. But we are all different, and we are all on our own timeline ... jst stick with it ... let us know how you are getting on ...