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Baby now 18weeks but I still have infection can this harm me/future pregnancies?

I discovered i had the infection at 8 weeks after birth. I am now on my 5th lot of antibiotics (penicillin) but it have never seemed to calm down or go. Gp doesnt seem to understand my worries and just keeps taking swobs and giving more antibiotics.. can this effect me should i go hospital.. I have shooting pains throughout the day cant get comfortable at night find it hard to bend experiencing hot flushes and chills loss of appetite and have horrible yellow discharge sorry for TMI but its a bit like losing your plug..will i get taken more seriously at hospital? should i wait till i have finished this course of antibiotics? what if its damaging my tubes? getting worried and its making days with baby long and tough going

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I'm not a medic, but I always thought that Strep B doesn't really give any symptoms. Seems like you're in a lot of discomfort, I think in your place I would demand a referral to a specialist.


GBS carriage is not associated with vaginal symptoms.

GBS can cause urinary tract infections and these need to be treated with antibiotics at the time, with the urine retested 7-10 days after you've finished the course of antibiotics. It's also an indication that you should be offered intravenous antibiotics in labour.

The golden rule in pregnancy if there's anything that happens out of the ordinary with your health is, "if in doubt, check it out."

Please seek medical advice. Please go to the hospital if you can't get an urgent appointment with your GP. Please explain all your concerns and your symptoms.

And please let us know how you get on :)


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