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Royal College of Midwives Conference

Looking forward to hearing how our stand at the RCM conference has fared today. Bet it was busy! Getting more awareness out there and informing health professionals is so important. Good luck tomorrow too!

Anyone here who can take leaflets and GBS posters to their antenatal unit/ GP surgery please let us know. We find that personal delivery often ensures the leaflets actually got to mums and dads and the posters go up!

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Back from the RCM Conference & it's fair to say it was exhausting! Fun, but exhausting! The thirst for information on group B Strep was incredible. Celia, Marie & I answered so many questions about group B Strep (though the most common one - why doesn't the UK screen? we simply couldn't answer - we suggested they asked the National Screening Committee, which had a stand downstairs!). From what we heard, they couldn't explain it very satisfactorily ... perhaps it was a bit mean of us to suggest it: the people manning the stand aren't the people setting the policy).

Over the two days, we had 214 people sign up to our mailing list and we asked all of then to fill in their views about whether group B Strep screening should be routinely offered. We haven't done the maths yet, but there's no doubt at all that most of them do support it.

So today we're catching up ... and taking lots of calls today for lots of information leaflets to be sent out to hospitals.

All in all, a fantastic two-days' work - big thanks to our supporters for enabling us to attend such conferences, and that we are able to provide information free of charge to health professionals within the NHS to share with the women in their care.



Well done team GBSS