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9 weeks GBS


I'm 9 weeks pregnant and my urine shows I have Gbs, I had a group b strep infection a few months before I fell pregnant but thought this was sorted after taking antibiotics for it.

My concern is if I still had this GBS infection at the time I conceived does that mean my baby will already be infected in the womb?

I've been prescribed amoxicillin to take now and have been told I will be offered iv antibiotics during labour but I'm so worried that the baby would of been exposed to this before being safe in the sac.

Any advice would be fab as all I keep seeing on google is horror stories!

Thank you

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Hi Lisaday - Huge congratulations on your pregnancy. That's very exciting! Urinary tract infections are really quite common in pregnancy and, although other germs are more often the cause, GBS can and does cause these sometimes. Urine is supposed to be sterile, so it's important that when bacteria are found in the urine when you're pregnant, it's treated at the time of diagnosis, with urine re-tested a week or so after completing the course. When the germ found is GBS, then it also means you should be offered intravenous antibiotics when you go into labour.

We know of no evidence that carrying GBS when you conceive causes GBS infection in the unborn baby. Most times, babies are not affected by GBS when mum is carrying the bacteria - there are a whole host of natural defences that stop this happening (including in the vagina, the cervix, the mucus plug, the amniotic membranes, the amniotic fluid and the baby his/herself). So carrying GBS at this point is very unlikely to be causing any issues at all with your baby. About one in every 4-5 pregnant women carry GBS normally and naturally and, thankfully, the GBS carriage usually does not cause any problems in the baby.

Of course, if you're concerned about your or your baby's health for other reasons, please don't hesitate to contact your midwife or doctor. The golden rule in pregnancy is "If in doubt, check it out" - and please do mention GBS when you do. It's so much better to get things checked out so that your mind can be put at rest or, more rarely, an issue can be dealt with, thank worrying!

I hope this help. Do get in touch with us at the charity if we can help with any of your questions about group B Strep. 01444 416176 or


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