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Nebulised antifungal meds

Are nebulised antifungal drugs in use (uk) and, if so, how effective are they and what are the dis/benefits?

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I was prescribed Amphotericin-B to be administered via nebulization for Aspergilloma fungal balls in my sinuses. I was also being rotated on anti-virals in pill form for over a year for Invasive Aspergillosis. My sinus fungal balls were resolved using the Amphotericin-B and I did not have to have surgery to remove them. (I live in the United States.)


Hi thanks for sharing your story, I hope you are feeling well. I’m glad you had good results with the nebulised anti fungal. Did you get many side effects? I am interested to know if nebulised antifungal drugs can be used to treat CPA.


I did not have any side effects from nebulizing the Amphotericin-B. I did not have CPA, but was told the capillaries in my lungs has been damaged due to mold exposure so my doctor used the Amphotericin-B to make sure I was cleared any Aspergillus in my sinuses or lungs.

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There are a few available - nebulised amphotericin is in current use and works well if you can tolerate it - some people find it too irritating to their airways while nebulising. There is a version if itraconazole under investigation and it has been done for voriconazole too but yet to appear in clinic. An itraconazole version is in trials for clinical use.

Inhaling antifungals localises the drug to the lungs so it is sometimes possible to get a higher dose into affected areas without causing side effects. It can also be useful to have the drug present in infected airways rather than the blood as the fungus can live in airways & air spaces that are untouched by blood system. This may more effectively treat some infections.


Thanks Graham, do you know how far off they might be with getting this into Clinic, months or years?