Starting to worry

Sorry, I have not been active here lately. Just finished 12 weeks of Survivorsice, an exercise/education program for cancer survivors, but my first after surgery scan is coming up. Still having pain in the right side, hurts to take deep breaths and am coughing like before they found the cancer. Please keep me in your thoughts.

Merry Christmas to all of you or Happy Holidays.


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9 Replies

  • Sending hope that your scan is clear and unremarkable. Scanxiety is normal especially when you are in pain and symptomatic!

    In the surgical process they cut nerves. It can take many months or years before the pain goes away. This is a side effect that exercise can’t help. I had a VATS surgery 6 years ago and the only thing that gave me relief was gabapentin. There are other meds like Lyrica that can help too. If you dr prescribes gabapentin start at the lower dose and work up. Give your body time to adjust, it will make you sleepy at first.

    Congratulations on completing that exercise program. It’s a major step towards survival. It may be coincidental but the people in my support group that have had the best possible outcomes have all participated in programs like yours and Livestrong. Can you provide me with a link to your program?

    Winter brings dry heat and that will contribute to your cough. Try putting a humidifier or vaporizer in areas you spend the most time. It may help to lessen some of the tightness in your chest.

    When is your scan? Please let us know what happens.

  • The Survivorsice program was in is sponsor by West Michigan Cancer Center in Kalamazoo, MI. You have to be done with both chemo and radiation plus get doctors release. That is how I found the program. Do not know of any others but know there are other out there. Try googleling for information on programs. Good luck. If you can find a program near you, GO! It is a great program.

  • Here in the Am Arbor area I attended a class called Transitions which was offered to patients who have finished treatment as well. I was able to follow that with the Livestrong program at the Ann Arbor YMCA.

    I’m adding Suvivorcise to my list of Michigan resources. For others here that live in West Michigan:

  • It is offered 3 time a year at 3 different places, Borgess Health and Fitness, Bronson Fitness and the Kalamazoo Y. Think you have to go through West Michigan Cancer Center to register, but both hospitals in Kalamazoo are connected to the cancer center.

  • Praying for a clear scan. Pain from the surgery seems to last a long time. Lots of nerves cut, etc. Let us know how your feeling more often. We care about you and understand your worry. Virtual hugs!

  • Thank you. I really am lucky that they got all the mass out with surgery so no chemo or radiation.

  • I agree with Denzie. It takes a long time to recover from the surgery and the pain to diminish. I am almost 3 years from my lobectomy and still have occasional pain In the operative site and where the chest tube was placed. I wish I had known about gabapenin when I first had the surgery. It might have eased some of the symptoms with less pain meds.

    Congratulations on finding and completing the exercise and education program. The more you know and move the better you will do.

    Hope your scan is clear so you can have a great holiday.


  • Unfortunately or maybe fortunately the scan is scheduled for after the new year.

  • I know I should be on here more often. thank you for showing me that I am not in this fight alone.

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