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Hi, my nickname is kgie. Was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma lung cancer in May. Am having the lower lobe of my right lung removed in 4 days. Looks like it is positive for both TTF-1 and Napsin-A. Do not understand what the last part means. In spite of the smiles, telling everyone that I feel fine and not to worry; I am actually scared. guess I just need a place that I can finally admit that to someone.


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  • You found that place. The first few months are the scariest. Then your cancer kind of becomes the "new normal". Good luck with your surgery.

  • kgie, welcome!

    Yes, you have come to the right place to honestly share your feelings. You will find kind support from this great community. I am so glad you joined us! Best of luck to you!

  • It sounds like you are having the same surgery I had recovery isn't that bad but you will need help in the beginning I was in bed for abut 5 days completely recovered 5wks.Good luck you will be in my prayers Cfcw

  • Had surgery this morning morning, so doing good. The doctor took out the lowest lobe of my right lung and two lymph glands. Now have wait for pathology report.

  • Welcome. You are in good company. Many of us have had a lobectomy for our lung cancer. Mine was 2 years ago and I'm now doing well. The recovery can take a while, so be patient with yourself. Your medical and surgical teams will help with pain control, so you can get moving as soon as possible. A recliner will be most helpful during your recovery and I found keeping the surgical site warm very helpful. Pillows to support you will keep you comfortable.

    When you feel up to it, let us know about your progress and any questions you might have. We learn from each other. Being scared goes with the territory. It's perfectly normal and we've all been there.

    Prayers for a speedy recovery.


  • The surgeon is removing the lower lobe of my right lung in 3 days. He hopes to get all the cancer out. Everyone one is telling me not to worry, but that is hard to do. I worry about pain, maybe having to go into a rehab center, plus being a burden to my kids.

  • please relax and dont worry my middle lobe was removed june 20 2016 and also a part of my lower r lobe i am cancer free have faith in God He is the best doctor they will give u pain meds after ur surgery i was in no pain in 4 days i was home had to sleep in a recliner for a month u will do fine

  • I cannot imagine not being worried. I, too was scared even though I had an excellent surgeon and oncologist. It is not an easy surgery, but with the help of the surgical and hospital staff it was manageable. I had 2/3 of my left lung removed and though I am not back to 100% I am back to 60% and functioning well. Recovery takes a while and is different for each of us. Do allow your children to be a part of this journey. They can be a tremendous help and will not consider it a burden. They too are probably scared. Take full advantage of your hospital experience. It will help tremendously with your recovery. Take things one step at a time. Don't be afraid of those pain meds. They will help you keep moving. You can do this. You are strong even if you don't realize it now.


  • Welcome to the group that cares! Most all of us have had lung surgery and felt nervous beforehand but know that there is a good result. Anytime you need a friend who can empathize, let us know. We want to help you through this. Stay strong. Blessings and praying for a good outcome.

  • It is easy for others to tell you not to worry. But anxiety is normal in this situation. My docs increased the dose of my anti anxiety medication after my diagnosis to help me be able to sleep/rest/and focus on the best possibilities. Communicate your pain to nurses and doctors and make sure they listen and find the right pain medication that works for you. Your children and family will feel helpless and more nervous if you don't allow them to help you. Caretaking is hard work, but their love prevents it from being a burden. And if a rehab center is required, set your mind to doing your best to utilize those services to get better. I have a friend Iiving well with only 2 of 5 lobes because she put herself in such a position of strong health after her first lobectomy that she was a candidate for removal of two more. Best wishes to you. Be gentle with yourself as you struggle through this.

  • You. Came to the right place welcome.HEY YOU,Don,give up,okay?Your allowed to scream.Your allowed to cry. Just Don,t give up. THere are a lot of good people on here and they will be here for you.if you have questions the others will help you answer them. So try not to be afraid...Susiejo1948

  • Hi kgie! You have found the right place to share all your feelings. Expect to bounce around as things happen. This is a biggie in life, and we've all been through various emotions, too. The best trick is to stop and take time to just breathe. All the things you feel are normal. This is my 5th cancer, so I can speak from experience - things do get easier as you go along. Remember that this is YOUR journey, and it is okay to ask for help. What you are going through is not going to be easy, but you CAN do it! Eventually you will find a new normal and settle in to that, but it takes time. Some of us - me included - have found that anti-anxiety drugs help a great deal; they take the edge off. Roswell has a psychiatry department as part of their normal treatment when people ask for help. Talk to your team and see what they think. I remember the first time and how scary and overwhelming every thing was. Now it is just part of rolling along and finding ways to cope. There are all sorts of resources out there, but you have to ask - docs can't read your mind. One of the most helpful things for me was to find a group where we all had different types of ca, but could share with people who knew what we were going through.

    A recliner would be a good start - it is very difficult to lay down flat after surgery. Use lots of pillows to support yourself and help make you more comfortable. Make sure you stay ahead of the pain. Lots of folks don't like taking pain meds, but if you let the pain get to be too much before you take the next med you are really not helping. Not a big advocate for pain meds, but also know how necessary they are. It is easier to stay on a schedule so that you don't let the pain get too bad.

    Most of all, realize that you are not alone and you can share your feelings - good and bad - here.

    Praying all goes well for you! Keep us informed!!

  • So glad you found this site. I found it after my surgery and chemo but, still find it helpful. Ask lots of questions and take someone with you to all your appointments to listen and take notes. It will become overwhelming with all the information that you will be given that you will become overwhelmed. Having someone else there to listen and ask for clarification was very helpful. Sending you positive thoughts.

  • Hi, Kgie. This is a good part of the pic. You can express how you feel, the lows and the lowest part of cancer. I've been on one yr. of chemo. Can't do any more right now, kidneys are damaged. My Dr, said he will try opdevo the end of this month. Please let me know how you feel with opdevo, I have a wonderful support group, my God husband and family and friends . Hope you are doing good. God Bless.

  • Had the same surgery DR got it all but one spot, I was good for 3 yrs then he found another spot.I will find out in Oct what he wants to do,will be nothing like my first surgery. So yes please take it out before it gets worse.Just to let you know I was almost back to normal after 5wks. You will be in my prayers.

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