What the fumble???

Yesterday I posted that I was going for my first scan since the end of my treatments. I'm a little angry and I wish i wasn't.

After my scan the radiologist said the dr would have the results in two hours. I waited. I remember he told my that he doesn't usually call if it's good news, which I think is complete BS!

I called his office in the afternoon and he had already left for the day and he won't be back until Monday. That is when I have an appointment with him. So I'm supposed to WAIT? His nurse said they received the report but the report girl hadn't downloaded it to the drs computer!!! What the hell! I realize he has no time to stand around by the fax machine and he's not a paper kind of dr. Has to have it on his desktop! I love this dr, but lots of times the dr doesn't realize what his staff does or doesn't do! He nurse said she would try to call him, read the report to him and see if she could read the report to me or have him call me. It was dumb but I felt I shouldn't do that. I've thought about calling the imaging place and just getting a copy of the Reppert and CD, but I don't feel I should do that either. Maybe it's not meant for me to know right now ughhhh!!! Yes I guess I'll have a great weekend!


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8 Replies

  • MYTWIN, I can relate! It seems like doctors don't realize how we patients are on edge every minute not knowing results of a test that could mean a future for us or planning for something much worse. Take a deep breath and try to take your thoughts to a happy place, maybe promise yourself that long awaited vacation will come to fruition ! I am praying for you.

  • We have something called My Chart and I receive results of tests and scans very quickly. Do you have anything like that where you live?

  • I love My Chart - unfortunately the computer is a better resource than the doctor at times!

  • Sometimes a person's got to do what a person's got to do. Glad you found a way to get what you need.

  • Yes but you can only see them when they are released

  • I would call for a patient advocate to intercede and see if that doesn't help. So you know, I am on my 5th and final cancer, and this is the only department that cannot get its act together no matter what happens. Over the course of the last year they have cancelled/changed all but one appointment, they didn't bother to give me all the information even though I told them flat out that they could not scare me (which I consider an outright lie) and I've had the patient advocate involved before with success.

    It isn't that I expect special treatment, it is that I already know how competent 4 departments can be and expect this one to the be same.

    Make all the noise you need to make to have your needs met!

  • Hang in there. The medical field is not always people friendly. It''s exasperating. We often expect more of the Doctors and employees than they have to give. Yes we live in an imperfect world . I know your anxiety level is through the roof. Try to let it go. ( as best you can). Frustration and worry won't change anything. Think positively. Picture a nice clean scan. On Monday morning, you will hear the results and believe . Enjoy every minute throughout the weekend and my prayers are with you for the good results .

  • The waiting game sucks. I don't wait anymore . I go get my results and then "bug" all my doc's until one responds. Hope it comes back with good results. Hang in there.

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