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Forgiveness and sickness

someone forgave me for something I done but I got scared. Shes really sick and I feel so bad about it. I'm not a mean person and I think everyone knows i'm not. I went to the dr yesterday a kidney dr. i'm stage three kidney disease.he's going to run a lot of tests to find out why. He wants to know what caused it. Its just been over the last six months so he's trying to figure out what brought it on. It was down in the 40's and than went up he said the going up and down is a good thing. I get my test done and see him in three weeks and hope every things ok. SusieJo_1948

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hello is anybody out there or am I by myself


thanks I thought I was alone


SuzieJo, sorry you've got more problems, but your a strong person and I feel that everything will be ok. I went through the same thing, with kidneys shutting down. With fluids and doctors supervision everything will turn out fine. Hope everything else is going well.

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