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Oral Chemo for patients with SCLC in the maintenance phase

Does anyone know if folks are given oral chemo in the maintenance phase of SCLC. This is after chemo, radiation and PCI. What I see that other types of cancers, (breast) are given this. I want to ask because if there is a way to ward off the growth I want to know if yes we folks can also have this?

Thank you Kym

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Kym The medicine your talking about is for breast cancer patients it is called tamoxifen i'm on it even though its been five years since my mastectomy. I've took it for five years asked dr he said he likes to keep you on it a little longer. i've never heard of it being used for other cancers. i'll find out and let you know. Jo


Thank you Jo, I know in some research they are doing now or in the past they seem to found a link with breast cancer and lung cancer and tamoxifen. Yes if you find out something please let me know

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I checked the NCCN Guidelines and found no oral Chemo's for sclc. *EDIT: In studies they are finding that breast cancer drugs have some efficacy in lung cancers with an HER2 mutation/driver.

Maintenance Chemo's are recommended in the event of recurrence. At that time nivolumab either as a singular agent or with a course of ipilimumab followed by nivolumab maintenance Pill forms of meds for lung cancer are only in egfr, alk and ros1 non small cell

It's free to register for the NCCN Guidelines as a patient or caregiver

There may be some clinical trials in progress for maintenance on sclc. Have you checked clinical If you have questions about navigating their site pm me and I'll help.


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