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Hello everyone. I just signed up and this is my first post. I was diagnosed with stage 1 lung cancer in May. However, because of the location of the mass and the recommendation made by my doctor, I elected to have my upper right lobe removed in August. I'm back to work but, I'm still recovering (physically and mentally, mostly mentally). I'm thankful that it was caught so early. Have a great 2017.

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  • Welcome dodgelvr

    Thank you for sharing your status and I hope it only improves!


  • Welcome to be lung cancer boards! It sucks that you had to go through that but I'm grateful that they found it at an early enough stage that they can effect a cure. Its my sincere hope that they achieved that for you.

    Did they do your lobectomy by video assisted thorachotomy (VATS) or the standard thoracotomy? I'm looking forward to learning more from you.

  • I'm so happy they found your cancer early and that you're doing so well. God bless you.

  • I was also diagnosed as stage 1B a little over 3 years ago. I had my upper right lobe removed and then had 4 rounds of chemo due to location of the cancer. I then returned to work for a little overv1year until I was old enough to retire with my pension. I have found this forum very supportive and informative, I hope you also will.

  • Welcome, I am so happy to hear your story - thank you for sharing. We all look forward to getting to know you better!

  • You are lucky thank God every day

  • Dodgelvr, all best hopes that your surgery has cured you! Stay vigilant. I hope that this group can help with the mental healing.


  • I had lobectomy in April for same thing, stage 1 adenocarcinoma, went back to work in July. I walked every day and tried to prepare myself for return to work but the winter months have left me drained. I get scans & bloodwork every three months for two years as this type of cancer can come back in the bone, liver or brain. I have had issues with radiologists who read the scans, they MUST go back and compare to all Xrays and any previous information available. I had no clue I had cancer so I do not know how long I have had it. Be very proactive about the blessing of being diagnosed in stage 1, many don't know till it is in stages that require chemo. Stay fit, eat healthy and try to ease FEAR out of your life--it is difficult and I have to remind myself of that daily. I now have a fractured rib that is healing. The worst part of the whole ordeal was the chest tube area, still numb.....

    Terri FF

  • My chest tube area is still numb. Although I just had mine done on November 1. 2016. The numbness and nerve pain is the worst part for me.


  • tzfarr,

    Thank you for sharing your story, you obviously are well informed and a great advocate for yourself. As Anita said, "Stay vigilant!"

    Please keep talking with us!


  • I think the emotional and mental part for me was the hardest. Same as you, right upper lobe, stage 1B caught by chance because I had an MRI of upper shoulder January 2015. Lobe was removed by VATS, a video assisted surgery. They were going to use a robot along with the surgeon but the robot wasn't available so I got just the surgeon. Anyway, I think I turned the corner emotionally at the 1 year clear mark. I'd also like to add that with the risk of lecturing, I advise all my smoking or former smoking friends to get low dose CT scans annually. Keep the faith!

  • dodgelvr hi i'm jo i'm glad they found it early. I had the upper lobe left side took six months of chemo I was stage three in lympnodes. I have been cancer free for a little over three years. I think your going to be okay,and you have a great 2017. Jo Taylor

  • Dodgelvr your experience sounds so much like mine which was stage one lung cancer because of the location I had the upper right lobe removed in November 2016. I am not back at work yet but hopefully soon.

    Good luck to you


  • Sounds just like me... I had my surgery in August.... same lung. I am also back to work, it has been slow recovery, but I was feeling good... but now I have an enlarged lymph node..... have to have a PET scan next week. Praying for a full recovery for you.

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