hi there everyone hadn't wrote a post for a long time. So here goes, I talked to one of the drs where we could ask anything we wanted.I explained to him it had been three years . It wasn't any where it was just gone. He said that you usallyget it back early.He said I was going to make to my fifth year. So I went to my oncolagist and he said thats true I am cancer free. I said now i'm goingto thank you dr huh it was the chemo and you should be proud and he said its god not me.I woud llike to stay on here and be there when they need me.JoTaylor

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  • I am so happy for you!

  • WooHoo! Please DO STAY!!! Your story gives people hope and your experience is invaluable. People come here looking for hope and advice and you are who they need to hear.

    I send hope that you continue to thrive and make that 5 year mark so you can truly be considered cured.

  • Omg!!!...that is awesome!!!...God is the guide and wise for our doctors!!!... Jo Taylor please don't go anywhere stay with us, now you are a great testimony and Teacher for all of us, I'm very happy for you and you are giving me hope. Hugs and kisses. Congratulations!!!..God I trust you!!!

  • Congratulation to God be the glory!! I'm only five months in and doing well so far. But i still need ti read stories like yours which give us so much hope. Please stay we need you i would be lying if i didn't say I'm stiill a lil scared. Thank you

  • Thank you guys you are all great I'm sitting here with tears rolling down my face. What you guys wrote means a lot to me. Yes I'm going to stay if you'll all have me. This site has been good for me and I want to give back. So watch out here I come ha ha. I want to thank Freetobreathe and healthunlocked with out them there wouldn't be this wonderful site. The admins are really great. Thanks again Jo Taylor

  • Thank you SusieJo-1948 for everything you have done to help others and make this a community! For anyone facing lung cancer, whether as a patient, family member or cargiver, it is so important to hear from others who have walked in their shoes. The news that you are cancer-free is wonderful!

  • I also hope you will stay. Like Denzie said, you have valuable experience. E and hope to share. Very happy to read your good news. What a precious gift for the holidays! Anita

  • What you just said - that we really want and need to connect to other patients - is increasingly at the heart of my public message to medical professionals. Sending a virtual hug if you are a hugger.

  • @SusieJo-1948 THANK GOD

  • @jo Taylor THANK GOD

  • SusieJo-1948 THANK God

  • Oh Jo! What wonderful news. Please stay with us! You have touched so many with your compassion and wisdom...you are part of the family!!!!

  • Congrats to you jo I don't know how I missed this post last week but anyway I am so proud for you. Please stay to answer my questions, I'm only just beginning and it's so nice to have successful people like you to talk to.

    Health and happiness,


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