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contraception nightmare

Yesterday, I had my contraceptive implant removed due to the unbelievable side effects i'd been approaching with fast diminishing optimism for the last year and 3 months. Not good. The nurse, and I then discussed the options I had, which avoided the progesterone only approach. Since my skin or mentrual cycle found it easy to make friends with excess amounts of this hormone. I have been on the pill on and off since i was 12/13 for various reasons and the implant was the only LARC I had tried. The nurse then informed me that because of my weight (she informed me quite insensitively although I understand the seriousness), I was at a higher risk of a blood clot/stroke/heart attack if I took the combined pill. However we made an agreement that I would lose the weight and she would provide me with a 'skin friendly' combined pill (was given munalea), as long as I conformed to these terms. I was supplied with three months worth. However I failed to correctly inform the nurse that I am also a smoker, not a significant smoker but I do regularly smoke. (My mum was there) So I was extremely reluctant to being truthful as I thought it would also have no impact until she explained the risk factors.

The nurse mentioned the copper coil, it sounds like a really good idea to me. The side effects seem much more manageble than those of hormone contraceptives and my weight and smoker status wont be as much of a risk (whilst i am attempting to quite smoking as quickly as possible and lose weight). However i don't want to waste the pill i've been supplied with. Do I carry on with the pill? Or make an appointment to get the coil?

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The I us is great for people with light, painless periods. If you can get an appointment soon to have one fitted then I would go straight to the coil. It is worth having an sti screen first to ensure no infections are present. I don't know when your last period was and how often you have sex. The I us can be fitted within the first five days after you start to bleed, or 5 days after sex without a condom. If you have had no sex since your period they can fit it anytime. If you can't start your period then start the pill as risk of stroke etc is much higher in pregnancy than taking the pill. If you are under 35 and only smoke a few it's not really a risk.