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Dispense with the crutch?

I'm 7 weeks post bunion op, with osteoarthritis in hands and feet. (Oh too young!) I've been back at work for a few weeks now, wearing trainers and using a crutch cos I can't take most pain meds. My question is - do I dispense with the crutch and try work shoes again, and feel like I can't go back to trainers and crutch if needed, cos people might think I'm a fraud? Or do I wear trainers and use the crutch for a bit longer til I'm sure I don't need them? Or one or the other?

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Have answered on the fibro board :)

VG x


I Think if you need it keep it XX


I think you might find it helpful to talk to your colleagues, and tell them how difficult it is for you, and that their support would be appreciated.

Good Luck,

Take Care,



Thank you. It's not that type of place really. Although when I had the crutch people would offer to hold my bag etc. not really what I needed but nice thought.


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