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Burning pain on forehead

For the past year or so I've been experiencing a burning pain on my forehead. I also have small marks left over from acne, which was cleared up with isotretenion. I don't know if this burning pain in linked to the redness that I can see. The thing is no one else can see this redness or say that it very slight, but to me it looks very red in the mirror. I've seen dermatologists and they say they cant help me and it might be nerve pain. I have been waiting 2 months for a neurologist appointment. I am currently taking Gabapentin but it really isn't having any affect on the pain. Has anyone else experienced this and if so do you have any tips on reducing the pain/redness. Thanks

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Hi Scott I have nerve pain due to arthritis and various other problems, burning is one of the symptoms I deal with I use cool packs or migraine patches, they do help me, I had a nerve conduction test awhile back and was told straight away I had carpal tunnel in both wrists had the operation, had burning and tingling with that also numbness, have burning pain with arthritis, definitely nerve pain, very hard to deal with unless root of the problem found, I’m going back to doctors this afternoon, be pesistant and don’t give up hope you feel better soon and get the right treatment for you👍🏻X


Hi Scott - I found that Gabapentin was not doing much for my pain too. I have peripheral neuropathy. I kept discussing going off of it, but my Nurse Practitioner kept saying that I just might not realize that it was working. A few months ago, after she increased my dose, I developed shaking of arms and then tremors. I weaned myself off of it and the shakes and tremors stopped. Always follow your gut instincts. I do use an herbal oil with propolis (bee pollen), frankincense, Peppermint, Birch, Camomile, and Heliochrism. I roll it on the tops of my feet and have relief on the top and bottom of the feet. I also use it anywhere I have pain. Talk to your primary care about this. And I have Pain Management Therapy that I work on with my counselor. Good Luck to you.


Thanks a lot for the replies and advice. The thing that is quite frustrating for me is that I can see physical redness, but only when looking in a mirror in a bright room, so to doctors and dermatologists that I've seen cannot see the redness. This brings me to believe that it is not nerve pain but some sort of rash. When I explain this to the derms they say it might be marks left behind after the acne has faded, but to me it looks and feels like a rash. I have tried hydrocortisone creams etc and nothing takes the pain away. The doctors have increased my dose of Gabapentin to max so I will see how that goes :)


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