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Spinal arthritis and digestive problems

Hi anyone who is reading this! It’s 4.45am and I am currently sitting up in bed with a hot water bottle on my neck :( haven’t slept hardly at all pain as always nothing at the moment is helping:( I was given tramodal for spinal arthritis severe pain in neck at the moment head ache and tender scalp, feeling sick as also have digestive problems since gallbladder surgery,so tired and when I do get up my stiffness seems to be all over my body and takes me around to hours to get moving, I’m currently at home and and find everything such an effort, like walking in lead boots! Finding it hard to look on the bright side of life☹️

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Hi Sandie, sorry to hear you have such issues, I know what you are dealing with, I have osteoarthritis and Hashimoto's thyroiditis and Crohn's disease (they tend to go hand in hand) to make life miserable. All I can say is to experiment with different types of vitamins and things to help make your life more comfortable. I still work, though I am in a lot of pain daily. I dont have pain killers per se, I just use acetaminophen, and occasionally like today I had to take a hydrocodone that was left over from recent dental work, because my back is really hurting today. I have found that D3 and vitamins B and E help, and plenty of magnesium . I also get supplements thru amazon, like thyroid support and heart support. They seem to help at least a little. Look on this site to see how other people deal with some of your same issues, that's what I do. It's all a guessing game and Drs dont seem to take time to figure things out. I have really bad neuropathy (non diabetic) but no one can figure out why. So I wear supportive socks and orthopedic shoes and do my best. Oh, and something that does help? Exercise. Even if you just stretch and do some easy yoga, do something to keep moving. The more you sit the worse things will get. Research. Pray. Take care!


Hi Teri thanks for reply I am taking some of the supplements you mentioned,also tramadol and paracetamol for pain relief, hot and cold packs, I have under active thyroid, which does them to lead to a variety of health issues, I try to keep moving, and take salt baths, for some relief, off to the doctors this afternoon as pain persists dispite pain killers☹️Best wishes to you and hope you have better health, nice to know there are others out there to share there problems and advicexxx



I find having an electric blanket that you can keep on all night helps with sleeping and pain relief. I have the bedroom window open so my skin remains cool but the heat from the electric blanket seams to help with muscle n bone pain. I've slept much better since using one. And wake up less stiff. My mum visited recently and she slept in my bed, I told her to try the electric blanket on all night n she went n purchased one the next day as it helped her as well, she had broken vertebrae from osteoporosis. I also find using a firm pillow helps with neck pain....and a monthly visit to a chiropractor or physio if you can afford it.

I have scoliosis, fibromyalgia, hypermobility and it helps with all those to get a better nights sleep.

I even have an electric blanket on the sofa with a throw over it for the rests I have to take during the day.

Hope you find something that helps


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Hi Joanne thanks for reply, I have never used an electric blank, worth a try, I use hot water bottles combined with cool packs, have some relief, of to the doctors today for some advice as pain persists despite pain relief, grateful for advice and swapping stories helps the feeling of loneliness coping with these problems, best wishes to you and hope you have better heath tooxxx


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