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New and saying hi


Good morning 03.15 I just found this and am glad to find others diagnosed CFS/ME) like me. I’m bed house bound and wobbly use a stick and no idea what meds or such like I should look into as it’s all new and advise great... As yet no FM diagnosed by doctors - however muscle skin twitches and pain is horrible... so not sure what happenes yet waiting specialist report ?? So completely clueless... sleep of course ridiculous Mild dose of Seroquel and Baclofan which isn’t doing much... advice much appreciated

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Hi there. I'm sorry you are bed bound! You dont say how old you are. As for meds, I swear the doctors just put you on meds that make things worse. I tried gabapentin and I didn't notice anything so I stopped it. I am 58 with a lot of issues (lupus, chrohns, and osteoarthritis)and i just keep trying different over the counter things. I also have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis so i take thyroid supplement, B12, omega3, calcium, magnesium, and Turmeric. And I am dragging but I keep busy. On Sundays when my husband and I lay in our lounge chairs and rest, I seem to feel worse! I try to keep moving and I work out, even though it is hard and I dont feel like it. Oh and I also have severe neuropathy and fallen arches so bad that the arches in my feet collapsed and I look like I have golf balls under my skin on the bottom inside of my feet. I wear shoes from Orthofeet for that. I just keep trying new things, new foods, researching and questioning. Doctors have no answers for people like us. Good luck!

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