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looking for advice

I am working my way through the NHS system towards what I think could be ME/ CFS.

My hands and feet get cold very easily and I have noticed reduced power in my hands when this happens - does anyone else find this?

Pacing and keeping me heart rate down seems to be helping. I have also started on a ketogenic diet and taking a range of supplements. Currently housebound most of the time but feeling hopeful for some improvement- think I might be seeing a few small windows. Anything else anyone would recommend?

Just received neurology appointment any info on what to expect would be gratefully received.

Thanks for reading

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I haven't been seen by a neurologist so I wouldn't know what to expect. I was diagnosed by an ME specialist my doctor referred me to.

I would say don't let them fob you off; it's hard to diagnose ME and they usually do it by ruling out other symptoms. I recommend joining an ME group to see if your symptoms are the same as other peoples. This is a very good one; you'll get a lot of support:


thank you if you don't mind me asking...what have you done to ease your symptoms

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I've tweaked my diet over the years and I'm on the Ketogenic diet, which is very low carbs/sugar, medium proteins and high fats. Only the good fats from meat, fish, butter and oils like coconut oil, avocado oil, hemp oil and real extra virgin olive oil. Supermarket olive oil is rubbish and often it's mostly sunflower oil.

Herbs help me such as Gingko biloba, Ginseng, Damiana and Kola nut for energy, Valerian for a good night's sleep, Myrrh and Grapefruit seed extract are excellent antifungal and antibacterials.

D-ribose, Co q10 and L-carnitine are very helpful. You should look at Dr Sarah Myhills website and get her book:

I take loads of other things that help, to many to mention but a good thing for brain fog and dizziness is Vertigoheel homeoopathic remedy, which you can get from ebay and it's inexpensive.


Thank you this is really helpful.. onwards and upwards :)


Have you had the CORRECT testing for your thyroid ?


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