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Brain damage

Please can anyone help. I'm very worried. I used to drink heavily 15 years ago but stopped for a long time and started doing it sensibly, but then stopped again 3 years ago to look after my mum who became ill. It's just been in the last few months I've been getting debilitating headaches with severe chest pains. Is it possible to get brain damage after stopping for so long?

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Anything is possible in life but it is more likely to be a disassociated condition. You really need to seek medical advice.


Thanks, I've got an mri booked for August but am trying to bring it forward as its getting me worked up.


getting stressed about your situation will probably exacerbate the problems. Stress and anxiety can cause headaches and chest pains in and of themselves.

Do an internet search on metabolic syndrome and see if any of these conditions could apply to you. If they do then you can be pro-active whilst you wait for your scan and do something about it that will improve your health - change your lifestyle.

You need fresh air, plenty of sunshine, exercise and total removal of all processed carbohydrates & foods from your diet. Contrary to current nutritional advice, carbohydrates are not a necessary part of a healthy diet. There are no essential carbohydrates. There are essential proteins - amino acids - and fats - essential fatty acids - but not carbohydrates. These have only played a major role in diet since the 1977 findings of the McGovern committee. Guess how long metabolic syndrome has been a major factor in modern health conditions. The only carbohydrates you should be eating are of vegetable origin (with a minimal amount of fruits), high in fibre but low in starch & sugars.

To be honest it wouldn't do the majority of us any harm to improve our lifestyles and eating habits. The vast majority of health issues can be linked to gut health and carbohydrates cause all sorts of issues for the gut.


Excellent post linlow :-) In addition to the good advice above I would suggest having the following tested - Ferritin - Folate - B12 - VitD and Iron. All will be low if you were drinking and it is possible you do not absorb nutrients well. So healing the gut is key to good health.

The results need to be OPTIMAL - and not just in range. So always obtain copies of your test results so you can monitor and take control of your health. Low iron and Low VitD can cause pains in the body. If your B12 is below 500 then neurological symptoms can be an issue.

Never accept normal from your GP - that is an opinion and not a result. Get the copies of your blood test results :-)


These posts are the DB's . With ref' to vitamins, being depleted over time and deminishing the health of the brain........and for some dire consequences. It is understood from studies , all available to view, the that vitamin B12 can be depleted, by metformin, how much not is known by me but will be out there. Metformin in long term use can effectively damage the brain and could / will lead to dementure, early !!! That vitamin B9 can be depleted by antidepressants, either general or specific types, again the brain needs this for optimum function as B12. All this info' is out there in many learned studies and papers


hey dont worry yourself sick over this, we have all done things we would rather not admit to doing. We dont come with hand books of how to, although I hear there s a film out there! Mri's are a piece of cake I have 11 of them so far in my life have earned how to turn my head off and sleep! You can get through this! Your a strong woman to have admitted drinking for 15 years heavily. My ex has to had consumed an off license, I am sure seeing he is okay you are ti sweetie. Hang in there baby, if I can get this far so can you!


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