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I'm a 37 yr old and was an active woman. I have been suffering with tiredness/exhaustion on and off for the last 6-10mths. Also had numbness in my left side of my body. Plus my muscles ache. Was rushed to hospital had mri and lumber puncture. Mari showed 2 leasions which the hospital called non specific. Now my right side is effectively the same as my left. I also have pins and needles. Went to see my gp who when I asked about m.e said we cannot rule out CFS. The slightest thing cause me to be drained.

So I don't know where to go now as what does a statement like that mean 'cannot rule it out'

Sorry for the vageness. Don't know which way to turn 😢😢😢😢

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I replied to this already and my reply isn't here now!

I said to ask your doctor to refer you to an ME specialist.


Dr is now doing further blood tests at the moment as he has said it's too early to say if it is Cfs. He at said I was depressed to which my reply was I'm feel sick and tired of being sick and tired and yes I feel low but not depressed. He has now given me amiptripalline for my spasms x


There aren't any blood tests for ME/CFS! Years ago I suggested to a Doctor and a nurse that I might have ME and they both said 'No because your test results don't show it', well they won't because they can't!

A doctor tried to get me on Prozac, saying that my fatigue was due to depression but I refused to take them, telling him that I was not depressed.

It's never too early to say if it's CFS if you're referred to an ME specialist. I'd insist on it.

Some questions: Do you have brain fog, a feeling as though your brain is wrapped in heavy, wet cotton wool? Do you feel worse after physical exertion? Do you feel worse after a nap in the day time but you have to have the nap?

Saying that the numbness is a concern and there are other conditions similar to ME. I really think you need to push for a proper diagnosis so tell your doctor that there aren't any tests for ME and you need to see a specialist. That's what I'd do, well it's what I did!

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My dr wants to rule out over factors such as thiroid problems.

In answers to your question yes to all of them. Unfortunately in Wales we do not have ME specialist . So it my go who will say if it is or isn't. On Wednesday I went to the dr, had coffee with a friend and returned home. My muscles were aching and I did nothing the following day. Totally drained.

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I know that feeling very well; it's referred to as post exercise malaise and it's one of the symptoms of ME that should be considered in diagnosis.


If your GP wants to rule out the Thyroid - then do ensure the correct testing is done. The TSH - FT4 - FT3 and the thyroid anti-bodies - Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg. Too often they just do the TSH test - which is a Pituitary hormone and tells you very little about what is happening with the Thyroid. I have been on the Thyroid UK Forum for 4 years so have learned a great deal from others who know more than me :-) You can click onto my name and read my Profile - and journey to wellness.

Your symptoms sound very much like LOW B12 - and yes there can be lesions. Low B12 is very common with LOW thyroid. Also have the Ferritin - folate - Iron - VitD tested in addition to the B12. The B12 needs to be around 1000 to prevent cognitive decline. B12 Deficiency is a neurological condition if left undiagnosed and under treated. See link below ....


Check out the videos too - under the heading Films. Everything you need to know about B12. Also see the link below to check out Thyroid information ....


When the T3 is low - which is the ACTIVE thyroid hormone - then you will have low energy. Every cell in your body - trillions and trillions of them have receptors for T3 - so when the T3 is low there is not enough to go around. Docs fail to test this vital hormone - possibly due to the expense.

I am also on the Perncious Anaemia Society website and it is so very sad to read on a daily basis how little GP's know about B12 Deficiency and Thyroid. It is a scandal.

Always obtain copies of all your blood tests - it is your legal right - so you can monitor your own health and post here with the results and ranges for advice. Happy to help :-)

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