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I fully understand that my EDS is invisible and that I am a young female who doesn't look ill. However, when I physically cannot walk to the back of the bus to get one of the seats, or i can't stand up I do use the seats at the front of the bus. After certain individuals making comments about the 'youth of today' and how I should move as 'there is nothing wrong' with me, I found myself in a lengthy conversation trying to explain myself.

As the pains get worse and the more I am suffering, I am finding that there are more and more of these comments or the nudges from the public. Or it may simply be that I am more aware of it now more than ever. Why in todays society are people so judgemental??

Sorry for the rant. I understand that we all go through this, but I think that it is highly unfair that because conditions are invisible that all of us find ourselves having to explain day in day out.

We need to get more awareness out there of invisible conditions.

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i use power wheelchair to get a about or i am in all the time


i can not walk do not worry


I can understand how that is. I have to use a power scooter sometimes when my Scoliosis is really bad. I get looks all the time because if it. It isn't as bad as it could be, but it can get pretty bad (my scoliosis I mean). People, unfortunately, will always be judgemental. Unless it's about them, then no one shall dare judge them. Humans are so simple. Try to not let them get to you, or listen to music in public places. It helps me to ignore people. :)


Thank you, it. Or ally doesn't bother me one bit, but on a bad day everything just adds up! And I generally do have my music on😊


It normally*


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