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I think there may be hope for Trigeminal Neuralgia

I have had Trigeminal Neuralgia for only six month, tiredness, depression, washed out, in pain. Brain surgery was beginning to be mentioned!!! I just want to tell you all about a book by Jeffrey Bland called 'The disease Delusion' which has helped me enormously. Lots of info can be found online as well. You tube etc. He is a micro biologist who has written a thesis on the use of natural medicine in health. In four weeks I am down to a couple of paracetamol a day and about 70% down on the pain. I chose to ignore everything my GP told me to do and to what my body felt was right. I have worked on my nutrition, supplements and therapies and am already making some changes to the way that I live my life. Sending you all good wishes. It's a very challenging problem.

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I've also cut out all meds - apart from Vit D supplement - as I think they can do more harm than good, yes they can ease pain but they also cause so many other problems long term. I felt best last summer when I was on no meds, healthy food, lots of gentle outdoor rambling, low stress levels, etc.


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