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Hi I have chonrdocalcinosis = also known as pseudo gout - a type of poly arthritis. Does anyone else have this? I get bouts of acute pain

What I wondered is this - my consultant tells me I can have injections into my knees or other joints to help the pain but I have to be seen at his outpatient clinic for that - once a week only. He said my GP could give it but my GP wont do it. When I have attended the out of hours clinic at the hospital in acute pain they also refused and one of the lovely doctors told me that I could only have two injections in my whole lifetime for this - clearly wrong as I have had 4 to date, the pain is very severe and my joint is rigid when I get these attacks - nothing helps and I cant take NSAID due to previous ulcer. Has anyone else had these experiences and if so what did they do and has anyone any suggestions for the pain relief?

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oldestnewest are your VitD levels ? Ask for the test D3(25-OH) and it needs to be around 50/60 - so do not accept your GP saying it is OK if it happens to be at the bottom of the range. It is not JUST a vitamin but a steroidal pre-hormone and is involved in so many functions within the body. It is also anti-inflammatory and can help with keeping Crohns at bay - as it does with me - and all my other aches and pains have also abated. Despite having lived in the sun for almost 10 years the test revealed that my levels were insufficient and I needed treatment. I take 10,000 IU's each day.

You can read all about it on the VitaminD Council website and also take a look at where you will learn so much more. How are your levels of Iron Ferritin Folates and B12 ? They all need to be optimal for the body to function well.

Hope your knees are soon better....omegas ?


I take 5,000 IU of D3 every day (prescribed by myself!) but I will up it I think to double, I used to have B12 injections but the GP stopped them as a lab test says I had huge levels (I think the lab results were wrong) - I will ask her again and about the Iron. Also to check the D3. Yes thank you for reminding me about omegas - any suggestions? I will up my oily fish intake too


...I think with regards to Omegas you just need to ensure they are pure - check out Higher Nature - maybe more expensive - but reliable. Enjoy your oily fish !

You need to dose your Vit D according to your blood result. There is a Table indicating the dose on the Grassroots Health website I gave you above ! For example if your result is 30 and you are aiming for 60 then you will need 1000 IU's for every 10 points you are under - so that is 3,000 IU's per day. You also need to have your Calcium and Adjusted Calcium tested along with the VitD as VitD enhances the production of Calcium and too much in the blood is not too good.

If your doc refuses to test the VitD due to expense then you can do it at home via City Assays in Birmingham and order it on-line for 25GBP's - sorry have a Greek keyboard so no pound signs !!


Thanks Marz


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