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can you get surgery for TN without taking the drugs first?


I'm 24 and have been suffering with TN for about a year and a half now. After going around the houses thinking it was Sinusitis I was suffering from, finally I am been listened to after many tearful appointments and phone calls to the doctor. I have been prescribed Carbamazepine however I really do not want to spend the best years of my life taking countless amounts of drugs with side effects I can't control. I would rather have it dealt once properly. However I was managing to control the attacks with diet and Tramadol but the shape of the pain is changing and its really effecting the quality of my life now. Does anyone have any advice that could help? xxxx

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Hi Tiltys, I am not able to answer you as I don have any experience you could join uk they have a forum and somone there might be able to help. My gp is drugs first, referral to neurologist second, so im still at the drugs level. Hope you find the answers you need Karen xx The american forum is free and has a lot of information but ofcourse they aren't dealing with the nhs there are some people from the uk on there they might be able to help you xx K

I am taking oxcarbazapina for the pass two and half years, i get bad flair ups, but the drug is good

i have no side effects from it, i looked into having an operation, but changed my mind, there are side effects your face can go numb one side, this could be worse than taking drugs, you need to talk to your doctor handling your case.. You learn to cope.

Hi there well I have had it for years and never been offered surgery .What I do as soon as I get the slightest twinge I start taking carbamazepine for a week ,works for me .The op can be risky numbness loss of feeling .hth x

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